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Goal Of the Month - June

Written by Lisoti

For the people who don’t know him, let’s meet Vegasvoss, manager of Getafe. The first GOTM winner of this season!!


First of all , congratulations VegaVoss, glad to have you with me. It was a close call but but in the end you managed to leave Spragga and Big Boss behind. How does it feel to be the FIRST winner of GOTM season 11?

Aye it feels pretty good to be voted the Gotm inner and a bit of a surprise, I never even thought of entering until Big Boss made the suggestion.

I see you have just passed your 1 year anniversary as a member of PEN almighty. In that time, have you always strived to score beautiful goals?

1 year in PEN? I never realised, I was absent for a bit, but it sure is good to be back. As for striving for great goals, i just play my game and see what develops. I'm not really a competitive sort, I like trying to score a nice goal, and if I do I'm happy.

Ok, ok, enough talking about you, let’s talk about Dorrans! After some research I discovered hes a CMF with finishing 65 and attacking prowess 68?! But yet there he is, sneaking into the box, then showing of his 77 kicking power, and his athleticism. What is that all about, bro?

I have no idea what Dorrans was doing in that position. To be honest he was only in the starting lineup due to Grassi picking up a knock in the pre-match warmup.

Personally, when I score a delicious goal, I put down the sticks to pull off my ‘look-at-me-now-b*tch’ dance move. Now I understand that not everyone is blessed with them dance moves, but how did you celebrate that peach of a goal?

What did I do when I scored it? Just a little calm and collective smile, I didn't get carried away as there was still plenty of football to be played in the time remaining,  and I know Big Boss would be coming at me

Now a very important question, which all our readers are dying to know, so please answer honestly...... Did BigBoss swear/moan/cry/sigh after conceding that rocket in the top pocket?

Nah i think Big Boss appreciated the goal, it was him that recommended that I enter it after all

The 24/7 database sniffers already know this, but for the others out there, I got to ask you this. Did the victory come at a price? I couldn’t find the lad in your squad anymore. What happened?

It was time to say goodbye as I have bought in the youthful Tom Davies as his replacement

Vega, my final question for you is, how does this taste? Does it taste for more? Have you got already some GOTM entries lined up? Back 2 back prizes perhaps?

Back to back Gotm would be some feat. I'll just keep playing and see what happens, I'm a modest guy so winning it once is an achievement I'm proud of

Thanks for the interview mate, I wish you luck in the future and who knows, maybe I’ll be interviewing you next month as well. But don’t get to cosy with your trophy, because July is coming up and there are a lot of sharks out there who got their eyes on the prize! (including myself!)

Any words for them…?

I'm all for seeing great goals, so if it's better than what I have to offer, all i can say is bring it on, and I'll be voting for you if yours is the best in my eye

Well, you’ve heard it, ladies

Rage Reporter Lisoti signing off for now, see you online!

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