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Saturday, 29 July 2017 10:24

A Freaky Friday in Amsterdam

Written by Spragga

If there was one player happy to move from the Costa Del Sol to Amsterdam it was Ex AZ Alkmaar striker Fred Friday.

He always has said its his dream to play for Spragga wherever he is a manager, and a move from Malaga to Ajax was just the tonic for the player dubbed as Freaky Freddy Friday by his mum and Spragga, so we caught up with Fred on his arrival at Schiphol Airport and followed him around the city for 24 hours, ironically it was on a friday..

So we met with Fred as he disembarked his flight from Malaga, he looked as cool as a cucumber.


After a 10 minute meet and greet with jubilant Ajax fans outside, Fred was buzzing to dump his luggage at the hotel and get out and about in the famous city.

As soon as he unpacked his suitcase he met us outside the hotel, and uttered the words "this city is mine"


Lets just say the first thing Fred wanted to do was travel by tram, he was mobbed by people as he entered the Number 5 tram to Central Station.


After a short journey we were ushered by Fred to the first stop on our night out with him, its safe to say we was told to not film Fred or take pictures of him at all for this time, instead we have to tell you it was Fred who took the picture of this.


Fred came out some 3 hours later looking as fresh as a daisy, while we did observe a couple of ladies of the night come out the sex palace unable to walk in a straight line, bent over at the hip seemingly in agony, Fred had obviously made his mark, and they loved it....

Of course this is a day before he officially signs his contract at Ajax he is on a reported 100k a week and a lifetime contract at the club, so he was allowed to partake in the city's traditions, or so he told us, we dared not question that......

Fred was feeling in a great mood after his ferel activities earlier, he wanted to chill out so we went to a local coffer shop, if you look carefully you can see Fred chinwagging with a few locals.


They advised him to try the Bubba Kush and New York Diesel, so he wasted no time buying a vast quantity of Marihuana and a pint of Amstel for good measure.


There was not much of the weed left by the time Fred was finished, we all had a proper giggle, Fred was in fine form throughout, the boy can toke, thats for sure. The night was still young, and for his final few hours he was chomping at the bit to get his boogie on, we thought it only fair, even though we was lagging now, Fred was like a man possesed, here you can see his getting well in at the club, being crowd surfed.


Thank god he finally had had enough at 8AM the next day, realising he was due in to Ajax for his medical at 11AM he just decided to go without sleep, to be fair he still looked like a beast even if he felt a little sleepy after a night of debauchery. His medical went swimmingly as expected.


Good luck at Ajax, Fred. Legend.

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