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Tuesday, 01 August 2017 13:15

Final Win Ratio Tournament Update of PES'17

Written by Tezombie

The Win Ratio Tournament passes through its third and final month of PES 2017, which towards the end slowed dow due to the fixture challenge and also the PES2018 beta being available. Despite this, since May we have seen over 1300 games played. As the tournament closes, Frillypinkly inline with the brand window, how has it all unfolded? Who has been the whipping boy and who has been the top-dog?


The final division split was decided by number of games played. Hardcore division for those who averaged a game a day or more. Professional for those who played a game every other day and regular for the managers inbetween that, but more than 5 games per month on average.

Across the 4 divisions, the split ended up being as follows:-
·         D1 Hardcore – 7 managers, more than a game a day (>90)
·         D2 Professional – 14 managers, more than a game every other day (>45)
·         D3 Regular – 13 managers, 16 to 30 games
·         D4 Casual – honourable mention to 30 managers - less than 16 games played

Games Played.

In total there were 1,306 games played across 3 months, resulting in over 14 games each day being recorded. There were a total of 64 managers who took part. Of these managers, the hardcore were
Most games played
·         Rambovanhardnut (338)
·         Wheresmark  (201)
·         Riq1987 (176)
·         Sunzibad (159)
·         Rdotman (135)


There have been 5,191 goals across all games. Of this there were 441 clean sheets 

Meanest attack (goals  scored per game)
·         D1 – Rdotman (3.6 goals per game)
·         D2 – Samcro925(2.5 goals per game)
·         D3 – Claretmatt (2.2 goals per game)
Meanest Defence (goals conceded per game)
·         D1 – Big Boss (1.4 goals per game)
·         D2 - Samcro925 (1.2 goals per game)
·         D3 – Tazarr (1.3 goal per game)

Point Per Game
Based on who you play, and your results people get an average score per match..

Top points

·         D1 – Rdotman (341 per game)
·         D2 – Samcro925 (346 per game)
·         D3 – Goat (286 per game)

Finally, the standings for June based on Win Ratio:



Overall, and unsurprisingly, Rdotman stole the show with Rambo getting the award for "most effort" for trying so hard. It will be interesting to see who falls where compared to final league tables against the WRT results.


Team of the Tournament, taken from best attack / best defence / clean sheets / games played



The Win Ratio Tournament will be back for PES2018.

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