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Tuesday, 08 August 2017 11:29

The SAS of Catalonia

Written by Bluebird

Manager Bluebird recently took charge of the Catalan giants Barcelona, and with him he brought the deadly SAS. Forget Sutton And Shearer, this is the more lethal duo of Sala and Sarabia. Both players are originals of Bluebird's post reset team, Sheffield Wednesday, and when the chance came to play for Barcelona it was an offer than neither of them could refuse. 

SAS are currently faced with the huge task of getting Barcelona promoted back to the Premier League following their relegation last season. Manager Bluebird has only ever faced 1 season at a time out of the top flight, getting promoted straight back up each time he's been relegated - PEN's ultimate yoyo manager. 

However, this season it seems will be a lot more difficult to pull of such heroics. With the season well past the half way point Bluebird sits 5th in the table, a whopping 16 points behind leader SAMCRO925, a team that the Catalans have lost twice to already this season. So with automatic promotion aspirations all but over, Bluebird's only hope is the play offs. And with SAS at his disposal, there is always a chance. 

Emiliano Sala 

The 26 year old former FC Nantes player was relatively unknown by the fans at the beginning of the season but he is rapidly becoming a fan favourite after his blistering start to the season. He is currently the divisions top scorer with 17 goals. He also has been awarded MOTM 7 times - more than any other player in the division. His mixture of height, deadly eye for goal and intelligent positioning make him a nightmare for most defenders. And for a big man he is surprisingly good with his feet, dribbling around defenders with ease, creating space for himself. 


Paulo Sarabia

The former Real Madrid youngster is undoubtedly the star player in the Barcelona team, with shirt sales of 'Sarabia 10' outselling all the players combined. His creative flair excites both the fans and the manager. There is always a sense of excitement when he gets on the ball in the final 3rd - looking to play that killer pass that unlocks the opposition's defence. He sits atop the D1W assist ranking - setting up a whopping 30 of the 48 goals his team have scored this season. He is the playmaker and takes all of the set pieces making him almost indispensible to the team. His link up play with Sala is a thing of beauty, with the duo combining for 12 of Sala's 17 goals. 

Both players have just been handed contract extensions for a further 4 years, making them both the joint highest paid players ever at Barcelona in the process. 

Can the formidable SAS deliver the goods and get FC Barcelona promoted back to the promised land of the Ps4 Prem division of slags.. where they belong. Only time will tell. 

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