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Thursday, 10 August 2017 12:35

AWOL Risk could mean singing the “Llama Blues”

Written by Miken333

One of the things that makes PEN unique is the wait to see if your players appear in the next version of PES and stay in your squad of players. If we played glory boys then even the most mercurial of players get handed inflated contracts at hopeful clubs, often goaded by skilful agents.

At PEN we often rely on real life journeymen and end up besotted with players we would otherwise have never heard of. These guys have trod the line in real time and usually ended up just on the wrong side of it! One such player can be found in PS4 Division 2 with debutante miken333 who is on the knife-edge waiting to see if his versatile LB / CMF / LMF / LWF Christian Llama moves on from the hapless Aldosivi who finished bottom of the Argentinian League and with relegation will not be in PES18..

Llama did play in Serie A (2007 to 2012) and was a permanent fixture in Catania for a couple of seasons, even loaned to Fiorentina where he made 5 appearances, returning to Argentina in 2012 he played for Veracruz and Colon before signing for Aldosivi in 2016.

When asked about the player miken replied “I'm half tempted to offer to be his real time agent, if he is half as good in real life as he plays on PES, (and despite his age) he has a lot to offer”. I came across him first on a free agent ball spin on myclub (the ones where you normally get white ball players rated 54) He is classed as a bronze player but packs the following skill set:
Pin Point Crossing / Flip Flap / Cut behind and turn.

When the reset took place most PEN players looked on in dismay at dead ball situations with the lowly ratings of the players in their team. “Once I knew this guy was in PEN I hunted him down and annoyed the owner into selling him to me!” say miken “he has an outrageous left peg and rates 80 on corners and crosses with pace, curve of accuracy in open play” he continued.

When you look into it you can see his point. Llama is easily spotted on the field of play by his bald head but is also tricky out wide backed by dribbling and ball skills rarely found in a 74 rated player. (tracks back well too). Despite a 65 for finishing he also packs a powerful shot and often scores blinders in open play! Just don't count on headers, miken is convinced they bounce in random directions off that bald bonse!

“In the hands of a Premier League Player this guy would do serious damage, I'm just glad he is with me for now. I haven't the heart to look for a replacement yet and hold out faint hope he appears on PES18!” Concludes miken.

All will be revealed when the wrapping comes off PES18 mid September!.


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