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Sunday, 20 August 2017 19:29

Goal Of the Month - July

Written by Lisoti

Welcome back everybody, a whole month has passed so soon! With Vegavoss now in the back of our minds, it’s already time to crown a new GOTM champion! And as always Rage Reporter Lisoti is first on site to give the winner an exclusive interview! So let’s give it up, for the one and only…. Pipps!! 

Welcome mate and congratulations on having the most beautiful goal this month.  I did some background checking and noticed that you call yourself ‘underdog’ Pipps, whats that all about?

Hello everyone and thank you for the credit I've been given, it's thanks to you all that I've been awarded this title and I didn't even know that I would receive a juicy 15M for this! I call myself "Underdog" due to the PEN Specialists labeling me as "Cannon Fodder" at the start of the season, It was predicted that I would have the lowest chances of succeeding in Xbox Prem, maybe they were right, but maybe not, we'll see .

Also a nice picture of Remy going on there, no doubt that he’s your fave player now ey? If I'm not mistaken, the lad is fresh to the world of PEN, and now you have made sure his introduction will not go unnoticed. Are you responsible for him returning to the league?

Loic "The Nightmare" Remy is my favorite player in MyClub since PES 2016. Now he is lvl 49 and he plays for my lvl5 team, and surprisingly he's just a pain in the ass. Yes I am responsible for bringing him back to the league, I mentioned him in the Auction List chosen by Xbox Prem members. Also I will make sure that every opponent will feel his presence!

My god, I need to give some more attention to the goal.. The guy makes a scissor kick on the edge of the box, it flies into the top far corner, leaving the keeper looking pathetic and useless ( No offense @Ronbhoy7). I remember me being happy as fook when I scored a far more uglier overhead kick, So I can’t even imagine how I would have reacted if this was me! What did you do when that ball went in?!

Actually this was Remys debut match in the league, and this goal came pretty early. When he scored out of nowhere I actually started to panic as I never made a Video Recording. Both of us were looking at this goal knowing that it could be the GOTM, luckily I was able to submit the goal in the end.

In your PEN carrier, could this be the most beautiful goal you have ever scored thus far? Or do you make scissor kicks for a living?

In the last 3 years of playing PES I think I never scored such a gem, I am proud of Remy's performance. No man I don't do this for living, it just happened, credit must go to Remy.

It must have been a surprise for the crowd too, who were just sat down after applauding the kickoff, then exactly 2:41 minutes later, they all explode seeing their team going 1-0 up so early, with such a wonder strike. How did the game go from there? Did your opponent bend the knee after seeing such a strike?

I remember this goal went in from the very first attack, both of us were shocked seeing such a GEM of a GOAL. The match ended 1-3 and as far as I remember the total shots on target I've made in that match were around 11 or 12 so probably my opponent felt some pain. Remy scored 2 goals in that match, really nice debut for him.

Between you and me, have there been sharks in your inbox trying to get a piece of the wonder boy?

Actually not really, all the members knows how much effort I've made to get this guy in the league and how much I paid for him, it was 65M so probably no one dares.

Now that you won the desired title GoTM and got yourself a nice cash prize, where will the money go? New shoes for Remy? Or a trip to the barber?

I guess the money will go towards strengthen my team, I need some better midfielders in order to become even more dangerous.

Mate, I wanna thank you for your time, I wish you luck in the future and please keep making goals like that. Who’s knows, maybe we’ll be seeing you next month.

Mate, I wanna thank you too, for this great interview. I will do my best to score GEMS like this every month in order to prove that this was not a fluke.

For all the others players out there, if you want to get a status boost and recognition, plus earn an exclusive interview with the Rage Reporter? All you got to do is get to scoring, ladies! Be the one to make that special goal that wet everyones pants, ok?!

Catch y’all next time, I’m out!

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