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PES 2018 - Where to buy

Written by Scottish Champ

With just 5 Days until the European Release of PES 2018, the team here at have got you covered with the all the information you need to get that glorious football game into your Xbox or PS4 as early as possible, and as cheaply as possible. But first allow me to reintroduce myself.

Founded in 2004, Pro Evo Network, or PEN for short, is a Pro Evolution Soccer community and league structure with players from all over the world, including the UK, Ireland, USA, Netherlands, Poland, Finland, Spain and many more!

The uniqueness of the league set-up, thriving active community, and hard working staff help to ensure PEN is the longest running and largest league of it's kind. With 90+ members across both Xbox one and PS4, there is no better place to experience PES. If you would like to find out more follow this link.

Now you're desperate to join PEN right? Well first things first you need to buy the game right, but with an RRP of £49.99 that’s not always affordable. So lets see how much we can save shall we?

Physical Purchases.

Buying on the high street.
People still do this from what I’ve heard, although I’ve no idea why, as its almost always the most expensive way to pick up your games.

The will charge you £49.99 for the pleasure of fighting your way through the hordes for your physical copy on both PS4 and Xbox. They are promoting a legendary edition which as well as some pretty packaging will also provide you with some additional myclub content, it will also cost you an extra 10 bucks.

Now lets move to the cheapest and most convinient way to purchase the game

Buying online

Buying online has never been more popular for buying games and has a host of benefits, such as receiving your copy a day or two early, along with the fantastic prices. But there can be downsides such as the hassle of returning, should there be a problem with your disc, or the Postman  who just so happens to be a pes fan‘losing’ your copy. Nevertheless lets see what we have got.


£44.95 on PS4

£40.00 on Xbox

Trump hates them so a decent way to stick it to the man! But we think we can do better.



Both PS4 and Xbox will set you back £40 but everyone loves clubcard points right ? But we aren’t happy with that price just yet.



Buy from this site and you will have PES 2018 in your hand for only £34.85 on PS4 and Xbox, that is a fantastic saving of £15, this is not the only good news, a few of our members rate them very highly and have reported receiving games two days early from them in the past.

There are other online retailers such as and,XB2PR49,PS4PR49,PS3PR49,PCPR49 who will also sell the game for similar prices, and also been known to deliver the game early.


Digital Copy

Why oh why do Microsoft and Sony have to make digital games so expensive. Digital has so many benefits, not least not having to get your arse out your gaming chair to change disks, but Sony and MS seem to want to do there best to put us off purchasing games this way.

PES to buy digitally on Xbox and PS4 is an eye watering £54.99 and £49.99 respectively. Add onto that 0 trade in value your onto a loser straight out the gate. But once again we can help you out but it involves a little ground work.

First things first get the best price you can.

For Xbox, will search all the regions to find the best price for you. 

On PS4 will do the same.


So now we need to get the game from that store and this is the bit that takes a little time and effort. A quick google search will take you to a whole host of step by step guides online.

Xbox guide

PS4 guide

Is a little different and involves creating an account for a specific region as described here

The biggest reason to buy online digitally apart from price is that you will get the game at the time the region gets it so if you buy it in New Zealand for example you will be able to play it at midnight New Zealand time on release day! With anything good there comes pitfalls. MS and Sony could move the goal posts at anytime and lock you out your game, also if you had issues with your purchase I’d imagine they wont be to eager to help someone playing the system but for some this is well worth the risk.


So that’s it folks, We hope this has been of some help to you in finding the best way to buy PES 2018. And once you have your copy be sure to get over to Pro Evo Network check us out and join the waiting lists for the finest PES leagues in the world.

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