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Life In Division 2

Written by Miken333

PS4 Division 2 lacks the intensity of the higher leagues. If better things come along then that's great, but if they don't – no worries! It also houses Manual purists that want to play it their way and that's really cool! Thought I would give you all a title and see if you agree and perhaps come up with alternatives?

Thank you all guys, its been amazing - special congratulations to @Phoenixhako and @bussola284 for their successes good luck to all who go up.

The Role call:

The Strategist - Phoenixhako is a real thinker and delves deeper than most into tactics, formations and playing style. He has natural flair but his greatest strength is that he works all the detail out. He is gonna kick arse in Div 1 (last time they had to kick his arse! LOL)

The Natural – Out of all players in Division 2 Bussola seems the have the most natural flair for PES. When he gets going you feel like you're hanging on the ropes waiting for the knockout!

The Big HeartThe Composer plays his way. His open style and natural flair is not gong to be taken in by deep tactical play (loved playing him)

The Flair PlayerDJ Quantum knows how to turn on the style

The Detail ManBlueyboy would be higher in the league but his dutiful nature takes him into the realms of the kit designer Guru and we need to thank him for that!

The PuristRecker knows his stuff and as manual player and is not afraid to do it right. His honesty got me reflecting on my style of play

The FutureDortabadboy will get better and will likely be in the top 3 next year

The Oracle - Flannybhoy does not miss a trick on PES and PEN and is a good source of info

The EnthusiastNizaam loves PES and PEN and gives us and the game all he can, capable of a play off spot next year

The ExpertBarranello knows PEN inside out

The Draw KingDobermanxedos who knows why he drass more, even he doesn't.

The AmateurMiken. I'm crap at PES, but don't care!

The PerfectionistFubar is mastering Manual and the word “assisted” does not exist in his dictionary

The Phoenix – We have a Manager called Phoenix but Hulk has had a season of frustration and a position unworthy of his talent, he will rise from here – Trust me!

The Invisible Man - Streak (where the f''k did he go?)

The HumoristCMYKhazi You cant help but think that CMYKhazi enjoys himself too much to get too serious and epitomises the lack of intensity in Div 2. Manual player too so respect!

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