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Xbox Blog - Edition 9

Written by Scottish Champ

A short look back on a mixed back of a year in PEN for the Xbox side of the site. There were ups and downs a plenty a lot of laughs and some crocodile tears but we just about made it through the other side. Pre-reset was so long ago I can’t remember what happened but I think MB-11 won by default . We welcomed in a lot of new faces and said goodbye to some of them all in one season and then we had the post reset madness so let’s see how it all panned out.

Preseason Predictions

So before the start of the season I made some predictions on the blog and some were closer than others. Let’s have a look.

Xbox Prem Championship Challengers

  • MB 11 - Was kinda shit this season (by his own high standards)  and let the side down, finished 2nd but was a challenger so I’m marking this up as a win (tick)
  • He who must not be named - Was the Champ elect, then wasn’t the champ cos he left.  But again I’m marking this up as a win (tick)
  • Danny1984 - Our sources tell us he left because he was too scared he wouldn’t win. (X)

Xbox Prem Cannon Fodder

  • Coachteddy - The Coach Maintained his pre-reset form to finish and excellent 4th in the table  got this very wrong (X)
  • Ronbhoy - Struggled this year not helped by a controversial admin but sadly this prediction was right. (tick)
  • Pipps - Got smashed around early in the season then bought a slag and won a few games to Survive in the Prem for another year so we got this one wrong, just. (X)

Div 1 Promotion Contenders

  • Leonidas - Got off to a flier then lost some form during the year, but the big Greek found his Mojo in time to gain Promotion to the Prem (tick)
  • Tazarr - A quiet year for Taz who always skirted around the leaders but just couldn’t find a run of form long enough to make it to the big show. (X)
  • Buff - The Greatest PES player of all time was always going to make it, easily, Div 1 Champion and promotion beckons (tick)

Div 1 soon to be in southwest division 1B3

  • Wilfultrack – A mixed bag for Wilful this year, he put in enough good performances to stay out the bottom 3 despite losing his best player to Admin a solid season whose worst result was having to don the Birmingham City Kit (X)
  • Laid Back Yeti – Just 2 wins for yeti saw him propping up the table this year. But on the Brightside the only way is up (X)
  • Birdperson - The Doctor proved us very wrong on this one putting together a great year and finishing 2nd and gaining promotion to the big show. Unfortunately for him, Promotion means being tipped as Cannon Fodder again next year (X)

In summary I got some wrong and I got some right.


Around the leagues - Xbox Prem

Quite a year in the Xbox prem which unfortunately didn’t get completed properly for the second year in a row. He who must not be named smashed everyone around him dominating the league, then left with a few games outstanding to hand the title to Worrisome owl who’s defensive master class saw him lose only 2 games and 19 goals. MB was sloppy early in the year and it cost him the league but a change in formation and personnel saw him back to his usual self by the seasons end. Special mention to Jeeemy who transformed his play style this year and still maintained his form and smashed goals in all over the place. At the bottom of the table R3con bravely volunteered for the open spot in the Prem and promptly suffered for it and was relegated. He will be joined by Ronbhoy and Beezo in Division 1 next year, but I’m sure they will be favourites to bounce back up. Hopefully next year we can finish a full season.

Top Scorer -  Borja Baston 21 Headers (Jeemy)
Player of the Year- Alan Douglas Borja Carvalho 7 MOM awards (W.Owl)
Golden gloves- Albano Bizzari 7 clean sheets (W.Owl)


Around the leagues - Xbox Division 1

Now onto the best contested league on PEN this year. where anyone of 5 teams could of won it. But in reality there could only be one winner Darth Buff topped the table losing just 3 games scoring an outrageous 70 goals and winning the league eon goal difference. As previously mentioned Birdperson flew the stars and stripes aloft to claim second ahead of he who must not be named II. Taz and Leo were involved in a playoff for the final promotion spot and it was the Greeks crying tears of joy into there Ouzo glasses at the final whistle as they sent the Englishman back to his castle to dine on some bitter pie and mash. The table was held up as we mentioned by Laid Back Yeti, Claret chris had a disappointing year but found his Niche as the Xbox’s Franco Baresi in team play. New boy Playmoreuk had a tough debut season but picked up some nice wins towards the end of the year. Well done everyone in Div 1 for a great season.

Top Scorer – Antonio Floro Flores 29 Goals (Buff)
Player of the Year – Ahmed Mahgouf and Antonio Flores joint on 9 MOM awards each (Buff and Worrisome Owl)
Golden gloves – Denys Boyko and Alexandre Letellier 6 clean sheers (Buff and Claret Chris)


In Memoriam

Nothing has been confirmed yet but our sources tell us we will be losing Oldeuboi next year, Not content with leading a disastrous lib dem election campaign and being a terrible Overwatch team mate he will now go and play on the PS4 sides alongside that other turncoat MattypthaG. We are also losing He who must not be named I and He who must not be named II. 2 guys who were virtually ever present at community nights, active in the transfer market and who got their games done on time.  Regardless of how some people feel about them in my opinion it’s a real shame to lose them from the community. In better news for those guys , he who must not be named I now runs the biggest protection Racquet in London, and He Who must not be named II managed to get a female to agree to marry him so there’s hope for you singletons yet.


And that’s it

No more blogs for PES 2017 and more than likely no more blogs, I don’t want to do them just for the sake of it and quite frankly I’m running out of stuff to say but hopefully there has been something worth reading for you all. Sorry Dortaboy this gravy train has reached its final destination thanks for your help getting them published and to the rest of you thanks for reading. For me it’s been a bitter sweet year the bitter being the behind closed doors shenanigans that at times made me consider my future in the league, But then I remembered I’m gonna have an 82 rated superslag up front next year so I aint giving that S**t up for nobody. See you on PES 18 Pookeynoodles.

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