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Thursday, 14 September 2017 06:44

PEN Community Tournaments - PES2018

Written by Tezombie

ProEvoNetwork Community Tournaments - take part any time, any day!

ProEvoNetwork is a bustling community for PES addicts, with hundreds’ of managers playing games against each other all of the time, spanning both XBOX and PlayStation. The core of ProEvoNetwork is in the leagues, including real teams and real transfers, all revolving around real life! There is always a waiting list, and that speaks volumes to the quality of this community. In order to give all managers competitive gaming, and also allow those not yet in the leagues to take part, there are a couple of events that will be run throughout PES2018. Both were played during PES2017 and will be adapted for the new seasons to make the tournaments even more fun!


Previously known as the Win Ratio Tournament, this event was very successful during PES2017, spanning over 1,300 games between May and July and averaging 15 games per day. This was a great place to play against other managers, competitively, with a win only outcome because a penalty shootout would decide any draws! Everyone is able to take part, even those who do not have an official PEN team!

So how do you take part? You can play who you want, when you want, recording results in a designated thread within the forum. There will now be TWO divisions, based on number of games played. Hardcore Division is for those who play a lot of games and Casual Division for those who play only a few games. To get on the ladder you need to have played a minimum of 5 games for each month that it runs. Simple as that.

This season will be a little different. Gone are the extra time and penalties. Draws will now be a possibility. it’s going to be a straight up league table, no messing, no frilly bits. Pure original football rules.

Regardless of console, the final table will be based on points per game average, then number of games PLAYED as a tie-breaker. Both XBOX and PS will both be combined into the same league tables. 

Kick off for the Ratio Leagues will be Thursday 14th September 2017 throughout the life of PES2018!

Find out more by visiting the Forums!



The second tournament, called Winner Stays On (WSO) is another ongoing tournament. One manager from each console tries to win as many games in a row as he can. Once he is beat, the manager who has done so takes over and tries his best. This is a pretty fun tournament to get involved with.

Last season saw this tournament die down as the Ratio League was put into play. To make this even work alongside PEN there will be rule changes. No more accepting challenges. If you hold the streak then every PEN game counts. If you use your PEN team (trialling players is still allowed) then you are defending your streak. If you play a league game, you are defending your streak. NO PENALTIES, NO SHOOTOUTS. The holder must be beaten in normal time! This means no "it wasn't a WSO game as Penalties were not on. Basically, there’s no hiding anymore. If you do not play a game within 3 days of your last game, the baton automatically goes to the person who last challenged you, to keep the tournament flowing.

The Rules, which can change during the season:

  • Challenger must beat the current holder to take the helm. Champion only needs to draw at worse.
  • Every game the champion plays counts towards his ratio.
  • No avoiding people you must play who turns up.
  • You cannot play someone twice in a row, there must be one game played in-between.
  • It is up to the winner of the game to post the result. No post, then it didn’t happen!
  • You must use your PEN team, or 3 to 3.5 star if you are not in the leagues yet.
  • Use of the mic during games is not required, but advised.
  • You can use players not officially in your team, but do not abuse by having lots of top-end players.


For those without an official league team; in order to experience PEN fully it is advised to build your own team and use these against other managers. We do not use superstars here, instead relying on lower rated players. Half the fun is finding gems & moulding a team to suit your needs. Criteria is simple ; have as squad size between 18-22 players, making sure that in your squad you have players within this range

  • 79-80 rated - 2 maximum
  • 77-78 rated - 2 maximum
  • 75-76 rated - 6 maximum
  • The rest of your squad can be filled with as many 74 or under as you feel necessary as long as squad size is between 18-22 players.

You can find example of other manager's teams here in PEN's very own pendb database

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your controller, build your team and start playing against dozens of eager managers right now!


By Tezombie

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