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Goal Of the Month - August

Written by Lisoti

As season 11 has come to an end, there’s only one more GOTM award to give away. Hold up, I need to correct myself here. I have a small surprise for you hehe.. there are two GOTM awards this month!

Since the start of my reporting career at PEN , I have never witnessed two winners in one GOTM!

Yet here they are,  I’d like to welcome the winners of GOTM August; 

Jeeemy and Govie!

Jeeemy was leading for some time, with eight votes, he could see Govie crawling in closely with 7 votes. Then just as it looked like it was all over, in came the extra vote Govie needed to end the final GOTM with an old fashioned neck-and-neck race to the finishing line!

In the red corner we have Downing, who saw a deflected high pass ending up before his feet just outside the box. He didn’t wait for the ball to touch the ground, instead he showed off his power and athleticism, by volleying the ball in the net with an outstanding bicycle kick. He left Aston Villa fans gasping for air.

And in the blue corner we got Jesus Navas who decided to put on his XXL shorts to fit his balls, and take on the five defenders of Everton. A solo run all the way from the halfway line, without any hesitation, ending in the box with a powershot, which flew into the top far corner! Both awesome goals to watch and I can see why they joined winners.

Let start off the interview with you, Jeeemy.

Please give us some insight on your attack, and do you also think Konami needs to add the card ‘acrobatic finishing’ to your lad?

Haha definitely, that and an upgrade to his weak foot ability!

And what about you Govie? You haven’t had a great season. But to end with a GOTM award is something you can definitely be proud of. I think next season PS4 D2 should be afraid of you making fools of their defenders! Did you have a maradonna/messi moment that will go down in PEN history?

I think I did. Just went for a run and the rest is history I guess. 

Jeeemy, with claiming 6th place in the XBX prem you’ve ended this season mid table. Any thoughts or plans about next season, on how to dethrone Worrisome Owl?

Last season wasn't ideal, I got pulled into the relegation fight for a bit, but thankfully I did enough to climb up a tad in the final few fixtures. I ended up conceding far too many goals last season and threw away games where I was in the lead, I also managed to draw more games than anyone else in the division.  I've been looking at sorting out the defence for the upcoming season and hopefully tighten things up a tad. I added Fazio to my backline and I've also changed my formation, the 442 felt a little too exposed at times so hopefully it all clicks come the start of the season.   

And what about Downing? According to Pesdb he received a little downgrade, sending him from 75 to 73 rating. Will he be staying around for more bicycle kicks?

I'm kinda in two minds here tbh, he's actually been brilliant in the few games that I've played so far - very comfortable on the ball, good dribbling and ball control and he can fill in a few different positions, but I think I might try and cash in and get a little bit more pace on the wing

Govie, let’s talk about your squad, what’s going on here?! Did Konami decide not to give you any love this season?

I take it you mean the numerous left backs I have? Can't shift those at all. Don't usually hold on to my players for a long time, but there's a few I can't move for love nor money. 

Oh well, this season is over and you can focus on D2.  I really hope that PES2018 will put you back on your A-game. Btw I was quite surprised that I couldn’t find Navas on your roster anymore?

Transfer market addiction haha. Sold him for the greater good (deadline day) 

While we’re on the PES2018 subject,  Jeeemy, how did the transaction go? Is 2018 more suited to your style and have you already scored some nice goals, with GOTM on the mind?

Loving it so far, the passing and dribbling is great. I haven't played an awful lot yet but hopefully I can bag another GOTM 

Govie, have you played PES2018? And if so, what are your thoughts? Will you be able to make them awesome dribbles again, or do you find the dribbling more difficult now?

Hadn't tried the game until it came out. Struggled in 2017 with lack of goals, but what I have played of the new game, I'm looking forward to the new season. 

Last question for you both, where is that money going, son?! Any type of player in mind ?

 <Jeeemy> Spunked it all away on transfer deadline day

<Govie> Money already spent. Went on deadline day. Need to raise some more or score some more great goals. 

Extra Fun Stuff! What if a  famous commentator saw your goal live, on the spot, what epic yell would be suiting?

Choose one of the below:

“Put a skirt on me and call me nancy, WHAT A GOAL!”

“Ow my god, someone call 911 , the defense just got SLAUGHTERED!”

“Wait a minute! Did hunting season just started?!  WHAT A SHOT!”

“Could someone squeeze my nuts to see if I’m dreaming, WHAT A FINISH!”

< make your own > ………………………………………

<Jeeemy> Number 4

<Govie> That was liquid football. s**t, did you see that? He must have a foot like a reaction engine. 

With those last words I’m wrapping up this final edition of GOTM PES2017. Guys, I’d like to thank you for your time and wish you both luck in the future!

Thanks for all the votes guys!

For the rest of you out there, Raging Reporter Lisoti is done with PES 2017! I’m signing out and see y’all soon in the next PES2018 GOTM!

As always I’m expecting great creative goals and skills, so keep that record button running at ALL TIMES J ( Still waiting for the first nutmeg winner though )


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