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Ratio League - September 2017

Written by Tezombie

Ratio League - October 2017

With a new PES comes the new Ratio League tournament. As expected with a new game, people want to test their teams but not commit to the ratio leagues, however we still managed over 150 games in just over two weeks with almost 10 games per day. 

New Format
There have also been a few changes for the Ratio League, with games now going to the full 90 mins and not extra time or penalties, to give more people the chance to play matches. The tables are now sorted by Points per game to reflect the usual 3 points for a win, and 1 for a draw. To be part of the final tables managers need to play 5 during the month.


Hardcore Division managers had to play 10 games or more to hit the heights of the top tier, and those between 5 and 9 matches fell within the second tier. 11 managers hit the top division, with 19 making the second division. 18 other managers took part but fell short.

For each division, the two newly promoted Premiership managers took top spot! Riq1987 is the overall winner for September, taking 15 wins from 22 games. Blakeey has taken his 5 games well, winning them all. Nizaam rolls in second spot overall, and also played the most games. One to watch? 



Over 171 games, there were 504 goals scored, with 89 clean sheets along the way.

Meanest attack
     D1 - Wheresmark (3 per game)
     D2 - Blakeey (2.7 per game)

Meanest defence
     D1 - Vegasvoss (1.25 per game)
     D2 - Blakeey (0.17 per game)

Clean sheets
     D1 - Nizaam (0.28 per game)
     D2 - Blakeey (0.83 per game)


Manager of the Month
The first ever Ratio League Manager of the Month award was down to a three horse race between Bussola, Blakeey and Riq. The decision was tough, wth all three managers having their own claim. Riq had the second most games played, and topped the entire month based on his division and position within the division. Bussola went on a 100% win record but only just squeezed into the table with the bare minimum 5 games required. Blakeey had the best attack, defence and clean sheets record per game in his division, but again just squeezed in with 6 games played.

Riq takes it overall, with the tie breaker being the huge number of games played. Special note to Nizaam, who hammered the games and kept his form going, hes really adapted to PES2018. 



Managers who played, but did not make 5 matches:

  • ALEXCAGE (2 games)
  • BEEZMANG (2 games)
  • BENSTATMAN (2 games)
  • BIG BOSS (1 games)
  • CULLEN (1 games)
  • D ROCK96 (1 games)
  • DOBERMANXEDOS9 (2 games)
  • DONKEYHUGGER (4 games)
  • FUBAR (4 games)
  • GOVIE (3 games)
  • JEDAGI1961 (4 games)
  • KARLOS-7- (1 games)
  • LISOTI (1 games)
  • MATTYPTHAG (2 games)
  • PHOENIXHAKO (3 games)
  • WORRISOME OWL (4 games)


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