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Monday, 30 October 2017 13:04

My First Weeks on PEN

Written by Tjodd

I stumbled upon PEN after reading a post on and instantly felt this is exactly what I seek in a gaming community. I’ve been in and out of many communities and always liked the “forum game” sometimes as much as the game itself. Most of the times ended up in the staff or admins. The games have always been in focus though, so eventually people lose interest and it all dies out.
I felt it must be something more than just PES that keeps the people on here for so long.

After a few weeks I said to myself;

-       Why yes, this is frillypink (but of course!). Friendly and helpful people, the forum is active and the games I play all fair and respectful. I like this place!

The time went on and I continued enjoying my stay. Another few weeks later I was told a place in the manual league was mine. Yay!
Shortly after I received a team and a mentor. A larger part of the forum opened.

-       Holy fork! How many hours do you all sink into this?

So now I’m starting to feel overwhelmed. Trying to comprehend all the rules. Browsing the transfer forum and desperately understand the player's value. Combating low bids and throwing out cheap shots myself. Testing out my team with an instant feeling I need to get rid of everyone.
My poor mentor had a busy time answering all my questions and trying to calm me down at the same time.

The transfer window opens.

This must be the best day on PEN so far. The forum went into hyper mode. I felt like a little puppy running around on a large field, barking and sniffing, haggling and negotiating. With my mentor’s help we tried to make fair deals (for me ?) all day long.
When I finally got to bed that night I slept like a happy little toddler. Exhausted and delighted after a day full of play, and with a couple of good agreements sealed.

-       zZzZZz

PEN is, in my eyes after this short time about mixing the fun parts of PES and Championship Manager (or Football Manager you little brat!) with a slightly raw but hearty and friendly atmosphere you only find within a group of old friends. Deep down there is of course a love for PES and football, but I feel PES could be replaced with just about anything. The more active core of the userbase are friendly and helpful with just the right amount of devilry. Most are adults, so the focus moved a bit to the social parts of gaming, and maybe that's why it still stands strong after so many years?

Can't avoid noticing all the effort and hard work being put behind the scenes. Feeling a bit overwhelmed again while thinking of how much time and energy so many spend on it. I don’t think this can be said enough but wow, thank you all! Thank you for a warm welcome and especially you RiQ1987 for always taking time helping me.
One day I hope I can return some of the favor if needed. Having a few ideas but more of that another day.

The only thing I regret after joining PEN so far is the fact that I joined only five weeks ago. Waiting eagerly for the league start now.

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