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Monday, 30 October 2017 13:29

PEN real life Chronicles

Written by Lisoti

It’s 22.00 and you’re getting ready for a well deserved night with PES2018. I’m not talking about 1 or 2 quick matches, no I’m talking about checking up your squad in MasterLeague, editing your PEN team, completing the training Skill challenge with only gold stars. Dedication to the fullest as time is no longer relevant but the stamina of your mind is. And your mind can easily disconnect your body from the track of time. Some of us can even trick their own brain, by telling themselves ‘ ok, one more skill challenge’ or ‘ one quick match cause I need a win before I go to sleep’. And the next thing they feel is a crawling ray of morning sun, getting through the window.. Just lovely!

So as you turn on your PS4, you can’t help noticing a chilly vibe getting over you. Somehow you feel the temperature dropping in the room. Like something bad is about to happen. The only thing missing is some creepy music in the back ground. The title screen of PES comes up and you press start.. 

Out of nowhere you hear heavy breathing, nails ticking and footsteps closing in on you. This ain’t no movie and you ain’t a bad ass soldier, no you stay seated as the zero hero that you are and await what is about to come. The room gets darker as a shadow behind you claims the light. You hold on tight to your controller like it’s the last time you will embrace that perfect shape.

A dark deep voice breaks the silence and the words you wanted to hear the least echoes through the room..

“Are you playing that stupid game again?!”

You think by yourself, what.., what the hell is this creature talking about. And just when you wanna turn around, more shots are fired!

“I thought we were going to see a movie tonight?!” , “Haven’t you played enough this week?!”

Your ears start to bleed from the inside as you can’t stop this attack. In your mind you’re hoping that this is a bad dream and it will go away if you just don’t pay attention to the creature. Just act like you did not hear it.

“ Helloooo?! “

Maybe this tactic wasn’t the best one, as you see the creature rising from the darkness and taking on a womans form. Now she stands between you and the TV with the feeling of two red eyes almost cutting your body in half.. From the TV you can hear Mallory Knox singing ‘giving it up’ as the sound fades away.. 

You push your joystick firmly to your chest and rise up to the challenge of your rival..  What happened next, was something nobody was expecting..

( End of part one of PEN Chronicles )

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