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Thursday, 02 November 2017 22:18

Lambs to the Slaughter

Written by Sami3lungs

The Prem has always had the stigma of being a ruthless unforgiving dwelling.
There have been many casualties over the years falling on their own swords, lasting but a season in the top flight.

I approached two virginal members Samcro925 aka Daz and Riq1987 for their thoughts on the baptism ahead.

Sami: Hi chaps and first off congrats on your promotion to the promised land.
You looking forward to the challenge ahead with chests puffed out or are you both quivering like a pair of virgins on prom night?

Riq: Bit of both really,exciting times ahead and if I can make a good start those nerves will soon disappear.

Daz: I'm looking forward to my inaugural season in the illustrious Pro Evo Network PS4 Premiership, it will be difficult as I've not been able to play much since my triumphant victory winning the PS4 D1 West so will probably be hoping for survival this season and look to challenge for the title next season.

Sami: How have you been preparing for the step up?
Been told the best way to recreate what you'll encounter is central heating and fire on full blast with 4 layers of clothing on whilst sat in a sleeping bag with thermal underwear on.

Daz: My preparation has been non-existent as I've been inactive due to moving house and will only just be up and running just in time for the new season. Although before I went offline i was sweating it out in MyClub to get a feel of what is yet to come.

Riq: I think playing games with your PEN team helps, in the end practice makes perfect. I stay away from modes like Divisions or MyClub, I think those modes are broken and vastly different from the friendly lobbies. It helps that my game time is in the evenings, so always a PEN member to play. I know the Prem has the image of being cheap, sweaty pookeynoodles, but I'll try to battle that with my own game.

so much sweat!
so much sweat!

Sami: Daz will you be sticking to your trusted 3-5-2 as this is a different animal your facing now?

Daz: I will be sticking to my 3-5-2 formation although it's technically a 3-2-3-2 formation. I enjoy the different variations it can bring to my team, I can defend in numbers by pulling the wingbacks into defence but I can also give myself more options upfront with 2 strikers.

Sami: Riq there are rumours abound you've ditched full manual for fully assisted and there is some dissent within the full manual community. You were mean't to be the flag bearer for the Fuma brigade.
What do you have to say to those who you've deserted and have now ended their subscription to your fanzine publication "The Angry Alkmaar"?

Riq: Well, it's true that I have been playing most games on PA1 now. I still play in the FUMA League and I will switch to FUMA when playing FUMA players in friendlies.
I was top 3 in D1 with 24 games played on FUMA, countering, direct play, defending and pressuring made it possible for me to beat the PA1 lads. I started to hate the game around that period, hated the double pressure and the crossing. I struggled against possession players who where ping ponging it around, a way of play I think is impossible to do on FUMA vs any decent PA1 player.

Hesham sent me over the edge by beating me with 5-1, thought I would just rush my league games and get it over with. But I was in a promotion race with just 10 games to go, would be a shame to throw away such a great season. So I switched to PA1, it gave me a different experience, suddenly I was able to dominate games, I found that I suddenly got alot more time onn the ball. Normally my brain had to take all kind of things into account when on FUMA, now I felt like I could drop 50% of those things.

That made it much easier for me. Out of the last 10 games I won 9 and had 1 draw, was fun winning and playing a possession style based game.

Sami: So opening fixtures against Carthesian for Riq and Daz has Sunzi. Riq how much do you know about him and have your scouts gathered any info?
And Daz Sunzi for you and word around the camp fire is the man is not best pleased with his game at present. Will you be looking to play him first to take advantage out of the 5 you have to play?

Riq: I haven't played Carthesian yet, and rarely on PES2017, can't remember anyway. But I am not someone who adjusts his sliders or formation to an opponent. I am confident in my own game and I ll adjust my style during the game, speed up or slow down, whatever is needed. Other fixtures are Spragga, NikoNikolson and my fellow newbie Samcro. It will be the same for them, I wont adjust, I think I can beat everyone. No easy games tho.

Daz: My first game against Sunzi will be very difficult as he is a very consistent player who make very little mistakes so I think I will have to defend well and take any chance if they come my way.

Sami: No getting around it there are some massive characters in the Prem and my money is on Parrish but who do you fear the most?
Riq refused to be dragged into this question remaining all poker face but Daz was happy to answer.

Daz: I don't really fear anyone as I firmly believe I can beat anybody on my day.

Sami: Have you recruited well enough for the rigours that lay ahead?

Riq: I like my team and I know what I want. I know my strength and weaknesses and decide to focus on my strengths. I CBs have pace, my midfield is allround, my wingers can dribble, my striker is a midget, just how I like it. The core of my team is Diego Llorente in CB, Luckassen in DMF and Druissi as a striker.
Always looking to improve my team, so I'll keep my eyes open on the market.

Daz: I did take a hit on downgrades when the new game came out so my title winning team had to get broke up and a few new faces in to improve the team. I'm happy with my first 11, had to sell Ryan Fraser and Snodgrass two of my main players to improve my defence and midfield. Managed to bring in Rodrigo Ciao who is now club captain and Nacho Fernandez who can play all over midfield.
Ironically those players were acquired from Sunzi so hopefully they come back to haunt him.


Can the top CB Llorente (L) and Rodrigo Caio (R) keep the Prem new boys out of trouble?
Can the top CBs Llorente (L) and Rodrigo Caio (R) keep the Prem new boys out of trouble?

Sami: My last question was to 2 survivors in their flegling season Sunzi and Rob and I asked them to assess the chances of these 2 green horns surviving their first season and if there were any tips on keeping their heads above water.

Sunzi: I've played Riq enough to know that this is a potential title challenger joining us in the Prem. His experiences as a strong FUMA player switching to Assist have made the game easier for him compared to those that have always played on Assist. His defence and dribbling was always a strong point, and it had to be given that he regularly played against Assisted Players on FUMA Controls - he is able to combine this strength in defence and on the ball with the ability to now pass and play quicker forging attacks without hesitation; the split seconds hesitation, and therefore advantage, Assisted Players have over a FUMA player. 

Daz is another that came up through Division 1 in dominant fashion - you have to be a pretty strong player to lead the pack largely uncontested for much of the campaign. I haven't played Daz in a while and in particular the new game so our opener could be a tasty affair - it's a game I shan't be taking lightly and our previous encounters highlight the need for me to exercise caution; Daz deserves a lot more respect than to be considered a potential banana-skin. In the few games that we have played, I remember tight affairs and narrow victories for both. It has to be said, anyone that can dominate a season in the way he did his sure to present a challenge in the Prem.

Ultimately playing in the Prem is not just about being a strong player - everyone in the Prem is a strong player (or sweaty :shifty: )- it's par for the course - the ability to handle pressure is the difference. I expect that could decide the fates of Riq and Daz along with the rest of the Division, myself included.

Every opponent presents their own challenges so I find it difficult to predict how the Season will unfold - take Sean for example, challenging a few seasons back only to narrowly avoid relegation last season - on that basis, it'd be tough (and somewhat unfair) to call, but if pressed? Riq to challenge for the title and Daz to finish mid-table... 

Rob: Firstly I'd like to congratulate the pair on making it to the Prem. No mean feat getting out of D1 but the hard work starts now.
Anyone is capable of taking the 3 points on the day up here and you've always got to be at your best, it is ruthless and mistakes will be punished.

Both managers are more then capable of mixing it with the PEN elite and I wouldn't be surprised if either of them had a say in where the title goes in what could be one of the most open seasons in a while. 

Enjoy your football and most importantly, make sure you take 6 points off Rambovanhardnut.
Looking forward to the fixtures, good luck gents.

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