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We need a new Simba!

Written by Lisoti

Right after Holland lost the World Cup final 2010 against Spain, a friend told me that this might the last chance we got to ever witness the Dutch team winning the title champions of the world. In 1988 they became the best of Europe but the be honest, I can’t really remember it. It’s crazy cause I was 7 years old so there should be some memory of it buried deep down, but I can’t recall it. So I kinda missed out on that excitement and happiness of celebrating people on the streets. Not celebrating cause their city team won, no a whole nation where people feel as one and being proud that Holland is the best of Europe, fact. That must have been an amazing feeling. 22 years later we got very very close to that euphoria like they had in 1988. And this time it would be even bigger than that cause we almost were the best in the whole freaking world. Not Neymar, not Messi, not Ronaldo.. no no no people, I’m talking about Nigel de Jong, Van Bronckhorst, Sneijder, Van Persie and others. Not all very big names but they were a solid team!



So I turned to my friend and told him not to be so pessimistic. We just finished 2nd , so we will be in the top 10 for a while, right? Ow how wrong was I to think that. Cause what I didn’t realized were 2 things. One, the age of most of the top players in the Dutch team. Some of them were right at their peak or just about to slow down the peak. In two or four years who knows if they still be in shape. Number two, the runner ups in the squad aka the future footballers aka the replacements. The Dutch didn’t had strong backups to fill up the quality gap once the star players leave. Unfortunately this is exactly what we’re seeing nowadays.

So lets hit the statistics, Netherlands became second of the world in 2010. Next came the European Cup in 2012 where they got knockout in the group stage, after getting beat in all the three matches L. Next stop is the World cup in 2014. Where the legendary revenge match between Spain and Holland took place and the orange Lions crushed them, the holding World Champions, with 5-1.  Later in the tournament  Argentina eventually stopped them through penalties and they claimed the 3rd spot, leaving a depressed Brazil behind them.  After this ‘good’ result, somehow the Dutch couldn’t find the spirit nor players to get them qualified for the European Cup for 2016. The Dutch people were left behind with disbelief and disappointment. The year now is 2017 and the history is repeating itself. The Qualifications for the World Cup 2018 are over and Holland performed terrible. With the result missing out a big event for the second time!!


If we check the history of Holland, the only time that happened was way back in 1982. They missed out on the WC 1982, EC 1984 and WC 1986 :(

Where Holland used to be a certain A-team in big tournaments and be feared by others, we degraded to a C-team that couldn’t man up anymore against other big names. Tough teams like France, Germany or Argentina back in the day are now countries like Iceland, Turkey and Czech Republic. There are a lots of questions about whom to blame for the poor results. Some pointed out to the trainer, some give blame to the will of players and some don’t believe in the quality of the team. These are worrisome times for Dutch football.


I really hope that Konami doesn’t rule out the Netherlands in the next PES 2019. That would be so strange, strolling through the European Teams and find out that Holland is not licensed and/or players having fake names.

Remember these names:

  • Ruud vom Mistelroum

  • Fank de Mole

  • Edwin Farzel Haar

  • Rafael Farzel Gaart

  • Oranges 11  :lol:

But yeah, by the looks of it the Netherlands have a long way to go to become a top dog in the game again. There must come change in their motivation, will and discipline to form a solid team again that would do anything for each other. Hopefully the next trainer will accomplish this and we can compete again in the EC 2020 and WIN it!. Not only so we can say that we are back, but also so I can finally experience how the people of Holland felt when we became the best of Europe in 1988..

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