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PES 2036

Written by Lisoti

We can only dream of how PES 2036 would look like. We’re talking 20 years from now, it sounds far away but is it really?  It was only last year that PES turned 20. It can call finally call itself fully adolescent. But let this sink for a while, 20 years already passed people! The majority of this community started of from the beginning of PES. Ow wait, let me correct myself, Winning Eleven I should say or Superstar soccer?? But look how PES has grown from a pixel blockbuster 2-D game with into a slick 4K game where you can actually see sweat dripping of someones forehead. It’s truly amazing to see technology climbing like crazy. But if all that is possible in 20 years, what will the NEXT 20 years bring us?

Will we be wearing 3-D goggles and see players popping off the screen and see them actually running the pitch? Will some kind of camera detect your body movements as you jump to evade a sliding or make scissors while standing in the living room? Or are we giving out voice commands and will the player do exactly what you tell him to. My favorite would absolute be to attend a live full HD match in virtual reality! To actually see yourself buying a ticket which says ‘Kitchengun vs Lisoti’. You get in the stadium, feel the vibe and hear supports shout. Of course you get the best seats in the stadium as you watch your buddies play.  All bizarre ideas which we find hard to believe, but who knows. There’s no saying where technology stops.

I gathered some questions on this topic to see how some of us think of it.
So I was thinking about my first ‘PES at first sight’ moment ..
I got my first part time job as student at McDonalds. I can remember very vividly how I got my very first paycheck ever! My dad came to congratulate me  and told me to spend my well deserved cash wisely. Two hours later I was standing in the Saturn with a PSX box in my hands. In 1999 the purchase of ISS: Pro Evolution Soccer became the best buy of my life, Lisoti was born! :sneaky1:
What about you, Spragga?

My first taste of pes was the old iss, International superstar soccer on the Nintendo 64, me, Nicshoneeboy and Mickyjustice along with a few others would rinse this game out for days and nights on end, winner stays on kind of stuff, and plenty of hash to go round. But if you mean actual Pro Evolution, apart from playing ISS pro evolution soccer on playstation round a mates occasionally, it was when i got my PS2, a few weeks after i got it, Pro Evolution Soccer came out and the rest is history, only Pro Evo 08/09/10 i never owned, have had every other release since 2001.

If I’m not mistaken there are more people who started of with ISS on the N64. Kitchengun?

ISS 64 !, I heard while I was out that if you held a button your player would play keepie uppie, couldn't wait to get home to try it haha. Was amazed it worked , brilliant!
Haha Frillypink!

Yo Rdotman, join the party!

My little brothers birthday when we were younger, he got a Nintendo 64 and one of the games was International Superstar Soccer  64. We had some epic games on there.
The rest is history, been an avid fan ever since despite the odd flirtation with the darkside

I also found someone who started the PES experience BEFORE the N64 era, isn’t that right, Seanachais?

It probably would have been International Superstar Soccer Deluxe on the mega drive around 1996 or so. I think Fifa 96 was the last Fifa I owned, Brian Plank et al. But 'Pes' really hit home with me in the year 2000, and the release of ISS on the PS2. My Mother and Father went to Spain for a week, it was snowing out, and I went up to xtra-vision and rented out ISS two days before release. Ended up ringing into work sick for the week, and me and my mate played that game to death.

Next to playing the game there surely comes a moment when you sell your soul to the PES demon and become a hardcore addict. When was that for you, guys?

Must of been at the end of season 10 when I switched back to PA1 from manual :lol:
And you, Seanachais?

Pes 4,5 and 6. The amount of 4/5/6 am nights myself and my friend played on co op master league was unreal. My mate lived next door. My and my missus stayed at my parents house the weekends, when she went asleep I was straight into my mates house for co op master league
Aawww of course, the late night sessions, something we all can relate to indeed!

Literally when things started to get more lifelike, IE: when Zidane had a bald head, or Davids had his long dreads, Baggio had a ponytail, ect, ect, the gameplay was always decent, but once the graphics caught up with reality somewhat, that is when special games specially Pes had my soul.
OMG, Baggio’s ponytail! yesss<3

What was your turning point, Kitchengun?

I played pes and FIFA on and off , then after a couple years not gaming , Santa got me a PS4 and I was back baby, the ps4 blew my mind and soon after I got PES16 and for the first time , hooked up online, I was way behind the times but man, the wait was worth it. Couldn't dream of playing around the world with folks as a kid.   

Looking into the future, PES 2036, what is the first thing that comes up your mind?
f**k knows what we will be doing then. We will probably be hallogramming matches in the San Siro or something
How good the real faces + real boots will look
Haha , hopefully we still have the inner child to play video games, technology is advancing far quicker these days, its almost impossible to think what consoles and games will be like in 20 years , I imagine it be like watching  a match on the TV, may be indistinguishable to tell if its a real match or video just by looking.
PES 2036? f**k me, i just hope im still alive in 19 years time, same would go for pes itself, it may not be around anymore, who knows.
Haha lets do hope we all  be still alive indeed!
But in the meanwhile, do you have a protégé to pass on your PES legacy or will you take your highly advanced secret skills with you to the grave?

As for me, I can’t wait to play a head-to-head game with my son, junior Rage versus senior Rage!
In 2036 he will be 25 and (maybe) able to beat his 60 year old father. Then he will be worthy..

Kitchengun, if I’m not mistaken you almost got yourself a football team with all your kids?

I have 3 boys so I imagine at least one will become a pes fan :D
What about you, Spragga?

No protege really, although my nephews all 3 of them were encouraged to play pes from a young age in the early 2000's, but in 2036 they will all be in the mid 30's or 40's haha
Nothing wrong with that age if you ask me hehe never too old to learn!

Rdotman, got any potential manual player in mind?

Not atm just hoping they won't be FIFA fans
And last but not least, is there a Sean 2.0  on the rise?

Ye my son (9). He already loves co op master league. Last year we took cup and Europa League glory, and were unlucky not to win La Liga and Champions League. We put all the best teams in the same division and play on top player. So La Liga consists of the Milan's, Juve, top English teams etc. Moussa Dembele and Kieran Tierney ended up the highest rated players on the game for us last season despite starting out as 78/79 types. But....his friends are all Fifa players and he enjoys that too, so he could yet choose to go to the dark side.
Keep him in the light, bro.. don't let him wonder off the path of the chosen one :hyper:

With that being said, I’d like to thank you all for participating this interview, guys!
Now lets jump back into the present aka PES 2018 and start off this promising season 12!

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