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It's Fab to be Back

Written by Spragga

Once apon a time, in PEN folklore there lived a monster of a striker, his name is forever ingrained in my PEN history and that is the one and only Luis Fabiano.

When we was all greenhorns on FLM back in 2012, not knowing what would happen and if PEN would ever actually be reopened, there was a small core group of players who were given a random squad and a set of player you just had to make work, there was no transfers YET! And maybe due to the fact transfers were not an option, you had to work with what you had.

And once I was randomly assigned Sao Paulo, there was a little bit of me that died inside, the squad was not a heavy one at that time, a couple of players were worthy of excitement when scanning the Sao Paulo team, Jadson was one, and Lucas Moura, way before his move to Europe was another, he was young and raw at that time, his stats were amazing though and along with Jadson there was a supply line there, all it needed was a striker quality enough to utilise their supply, and it goes without saying Sao Paulo had that striker, it was Luis Fabiano!!

In season 1, I was in the Green League, from match number 1 against Mukremin (love muk) it was Luis Fabiano who scored a Hat Trick in a 4-2 win, a game that is so hard to forget as it was the first ever competitive match i ever played, 3 goals for Luis and I knew I had a player that would score s**t loads, over the course of the season he scored maybe 40 to 45 goals, stats were never recorded back then, but he scored goal after goal and Sao Paulo ended up finishing 3rd out of 10 in the Green league to secure a place in the very first season on PEN in the Prem.

So we fast forward almost 5 years since that random allocation of Luis Fabiano and Sao Pualo to me, and after a fair few years of Fabiano being out of PEN he is finally back, and in the hands of his original owner once more, sure he is 37 now, them legs aint what they were, but he will be just as loved 5 years on as he was back in 2012 and 13, I can say that for a fact.

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