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Monday, 06 November 2017 10:04

Ratio League - October 2017

Written by Tezombie

The second month of Ratio matches for PES2018 saw a slightly subdued amount of games being played as managers prepared themselves for the new season by taking a break from matches - something that is always expected before a new season begins! Regardless, there were still 133 games played despite this.

Again, in order to be part of the Hardcore Division managers had to play 10 games or more. Those between 5 and 9 matches fell within the Casual tier. This month has seen Miken333 and CMYKhazi play the most games, both in Division 2 and both looking to get that valuable experience in so they can hopefully hit the ground running as this season begins! In total 7 managers made it into the hardcore league and 14 in the casual league. 24 managers player 4 games or less and did not make the leader boards.

Over 133 games, there were 411 goals scored, with 68 clean sheets along the way.

Meanest attack
     D1 - Wheresmark (3.2 per game)
     D2 - Alexcage (2.3 per game)

Meanest defence
     D1 - Tjodd (0.9 per game)
     D2 - Alexcage (0.3 per game)

Clean sheets
     D1 - Tjodd (0.3 per game)
     D2 - Gav1nG0ldstein (0.7 per game)

Manager of the Month

October has seen different managers taking part, with Miken333 playing the most games and doing well during the process. Wheresmark scored the most goals per game, with Alexcage boasting a solid attack and defence, albeit only over 6 games but he has not lost any! Tjodd managed to show his defensive prowess by having the best clean sheet per game record as well as the best defence in the hardcore leagues, but he seemingly struggled to score at the other end.  Alexcage would have walked this one had he made the 10
game threshold, however with the most points per game in the hardcore league Wheresmark takes the honor this month, he can thank Rambovanhardnut for that!


Final Table

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