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Ten Reasons to PEN!

Written by Miken333

Pro Evo and PES mad miken333 strips it all back and asked what the heck are we doing here?

There is so much to discover in life and yet we stare at screens! Is it madness or mirth, I think its the latter and here are 10 reasons why:


1. People – Social media is fickle but here its real! We actually do share a kinship, probably because we all started as PES loners and had no “real time friends” to interact with. Who else cares or think its sane to find a 68 rated RB in Ligue 2 you want to tell the world about!So as soon as we uncover the Social side to PEN we never look back. Outside of this most of us probably have less in common that we would care to admit – its a binding force for good!


2. Sport – Sport brings people together and PES gameplay in a league format is a form of sport, it also has the ability to take you through higher and lower emotions than every day life will bring. If you don't play real sport being active on PEN fills a void.

Being part of PEN makes you feel like you are back to your Sunday league roots!


3. Fair Play and Kinship – We don't tolerate the ego Meister that wants to swamp all for their own self glory, moreover we are here to share and we need to remember this, it tests those at the top more than at the bottom – ability is second to kinship


4. International – No barriers here! With ongoing improving communications the world will only get smaller! Its great when a new nationality gets on here because they bring new experiences and by default we inform and educate each other. Segregation breeds contempt and through interaction we widen our minds and become better for it!


5. Financial Management – PENce is a fictitious currency, most of us would hate to balance the books of a club in real life but this discipline should actually help us manage our own finances, you need to accrue for eventualities and perhaps the coolest thing is how Davotek throws in “curve balls” by changing payout formats (because life is never static the goalposts change all the time!) Adapt and survive! The Star player concept is a great example of this.

Constant challenges from the BOD means PENce changes value all the time


6. Management Skills and Scouting – Two different skills but mentioned as one, you get to choose a squad, formation and buy and sell players, often life throws up challenges if you either manage a team or have to interact within a team (which most will do through work)


7. Discipline – Within all the buying and selling, fixture set ups and squad sheets we learn the disciple needed for real fulfilment without the discipline and dedication of others this site would not exist and in real life you will only ever reap what you sow! Simple!


8. Three Star Teams – Its a fundamental flaw of PES on line that dreamers play Real and Barca and think they are dong well when they are pushing a shoot button for Ronaldo (complete waste of time!) If you play with average 74 rated players you really need to understand what their strengths and weaknesses are, to achieve something here worth having you have to work at it, which equally applies to real life!


9. You own something – With a PEN Brand and club within hyperspace you own something visible and tangible, but if you think about real life it largely exists in our minds (fear and hope has no objective reality outside your own brain for instance) and parallels are closer than you realise for instance, you only see cash on a screen in real life too!


10. We make good things happen! - We can use our collective spirit for the good as Davotek shows with charity events and we help other in life matters outside of PEN (even dipping into pockets if necessary!) That really is very cool!

PEN is trully about the community, helping where we can.


In summary, like anything - do it moderation! and remember not to neglect people who rely in you real life as balance is the key. There is a lot of fulfilment in doing things for others but “me time” (which is what PEN is!) if used wisely it will make you better at “real life”.

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