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Tuesday, 05 December 2017 10:05

Ratio League November 2017

Written by Tezombie

November saw the third month of Ratio matches for PES2018 and there were some cracking games, including an undefeated manager! With 84 games played across 34 managers there were plenty of nail-biting results coming through every day!

As usual, in order to be part of the Hardcore Division managers had to play 10 games or more. Those between 5 and 9 matches fell within the Casual tier. This month has seen Bluebird play the most games, with other managers joining him in the Hardcore Division! 11 managers managed to play enough to hit the Casual leagues and 19 managers failed to play enough matches.

Over 84 games, there were 288 goals scored, with 33 clean sheets along the way.

Meanest attack
     D1 - Wheresmark (3.5 per game)
     D2 - Jedagi1961 (3.0 per game)
Meanest defence
     D1 - Bluebird (1.45 per game)
     D2 - Tezombie (0.9 per game)
Clean sheets
     D1 - Bluebird (0.3 per game)
     D2 - Tezombie (0.5 per game)
Manager of the Month

Not a difficult one this month, as Wheresmark went on an unbeaten month, albeit with 8 of his 13 games against his rival and Divison 1 Manual Rambovanhardnut. 


Final Table


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