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AZ Alkmaar: Season 12 STATS and STORIES #1

Written by RiQ1987

Welcome to the first part of the STATS and STORIES of AZ Alkmaar in Season 12. By making use of the Personal Team Spreadsheet we can track how our players perform during their League Games in the PS4 Premiership.

At AZ Alkmaar we keep track of the goalscorers, players setting up the goals, the ratings, cleansheets and the MotM. This way we can judge if a player is performing like they should at AZ Alkmaar. 

This report is based on the first 6 fixtures in the PS4 Premiership. 

Team Performance

A great start for AZ Alkmaar, making their first appearance in the PS4 Premiership, after directly promoting from Division 1 by reaching a 2nd place. The fans couldnt have wished for better results, because all 6 fixtures ended up in a win for AZ Alkmaar. So the 6 fixtures resulted in a staggering 18 points, AZ managed to score 18 goals in these 6 fixtures, conceding only 4. Unbeaten.

Stade Rennais (Cartesian5th) 1-2 AZ Alkmaar
AZ Alkmaar 3-0 AS Roma (NikoNikolson)
AZ Alkmaar 2-0 Villareal (BigBoss)
River Plate (Venom984) 2-4 AZ Alkmaar
AZ Alkmaar 2-1 AS Monaco (Sunzibad)
Ajax (Spragga) 0-5 AZ Alkmaar


  1. Sebastian Driussi - 5
  2. Robert Mak, Brandley Kuwas - 3
  3. Claudio Aquino - 2

After 6 fixtures the topscorer of AZ Alkmaar is Sebastian Driussi, the 21 year old Argentinian striker. Driussi, a goal poacher by nature, can be a real menace for opponents. Not only is he getting goals, but he also creates spaces for his teammates to to run into. Sebastian Driussi is able to set his own goals up, but also capable of scoring from a combination with one of his teammates, this makes him unpredictable for opponents. Following Driussi in the chart are the wingers Robert Mak and Brandley Kuwas, both very capable dribblers, who can set up a goal but also get their own goals. Ofcourse, the danger from the wings, helps the whole team, for opponents it is difficult, because AZ Alkmaar can attack through the middle or through the wings. Varied.


  1. Angel Romero, Sebastian Driussi - 3
  2. Mehdi Abeid, Andre Horta - 2

Football is a teamsport, at AZ Alkmaar we dont rely on solely one player. So no goals without assists. Angel Romero and Sebastian Driussi are leading the assist chart. For Angel Romero, topscorer in Season 11,  this is a different role. Where he used to play from the CF position, he now starts from LWF. Angel Romero is not a classic winger, because his runs go really central most of the time. Where he used to score the goals, he is now leading with assists. Always dangerous from the left, but he only scored 1 goal so far, which should have been more really. Sebastian Driussi also shows how good he is in attack, because besides scoring 5 goals himself, he also set up 3 goals for his teammates. Versatile.


  1. Tomas Vaclik - 3

The goalkeeper always gets the credit for the cleansheet. But at AZ Alkmaar we also highlight our defence, because without them, its hard to keep opponents from scoring. Tomas Vaclik has been incredible for AZ, with his speciality, his quick reflexes, he prevented the opponent from scoring many times. In 6 fixtures AZ Alkmaar only conceded 4 goals, which is a rarity in the PS4 Premiership. With the strong and quick CBs infront of him, it is hard to penetrate the AZ Alkmaar defence. With Bastos and Diego Llorente, there is no easy way for a CF to find space. Egidio and Michel do their job from the LB and RB position, eliminating dribbly wingers. Solid.

Highest Average Rating

  1. Robert Mak - 7.00
  2. Sebastian Driussi - 6.75
  3. Angel Romero, Di Francesco (Only 30 min game time) - 6.50

The average ratings of the players can say alot about their performances. The ratings are given by the critics from KONAMI, who arent always that positive about players performances. Still, at AZ Alkmaar Robert Mak is leading the chart, with a staggering 7.00. It seem impossible to keep to average going, but Robert Mak managed to get a 7.00 in all the 3 fixtures he played, not even starting in most of the games, but coming of the bench. He is closely followed by Sebastian Driussi, who gets rewarded for his goals and asissts. Impact.


  1. Robert Mak, Sebastian Driussi - 2

There can be only one, MotM. As the Highest Average rating chart already said, Robert Mak and Sebastian Driussi are leading this chart for AZ Alkmaar. For opponents, a warning when approaching them. Caution.


We hope to see you next time when the next updates are released!

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