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Monday, 22 January 2018 10:46


Written by Tezombie & DonkeyHugger

After a tense week of negotiations between PEN managers & The BOD we have seen some absolute monsters introduced into the leagues, including powerful players such as Sane and Shaqiri and pure goalscorers like Andy Carroll. This left many wondering what kind of monsters have the BOD allowed into the leagues? I break down the best starting XI possible, with some help from BOD member Donkeyhugger.

GK - M. Perin (82)
One of PENs best shot stoppers, Squirrel grabbed him in exchange for prospect Loftus-Cheek and 20m PENce.
This floppy hair roman god is set to battle it out with Milan wonderkid Donnarumma for the now vacant #1 jersey for the national team.  Previously seen as an impenetrable wall in PEN circles, it'll be interesting to see how he fairs on his comeback tour.

RB - Andre Almedia (78)
Swapping Boveda and 25m PENce, Tezombie opted for a direct upgrade in a player who also plays in midfield.
Recently linked to Premier League Leicester, this Pansexual of right back wouldnt look out of place marshalling the majority of PEN defences. A daunting proposition for any wideman who faces him

CB - M. Caceres (79)
A great solid centreback, wise with his age and yet still years in him. He came in a deal involving  Kranevitter, Belec, Kelvin & 10M for Caceres & Inui.
Quietly moved to Lazio this window,  a renaissance after a failed move to Southampton, 6 months after going back to Serie A he's back amongst the big boys. His combo of speed and defensive ability should make him a potent force at the back for his new PEN overlord.

CB - M. De Ligt (73)
Big Boss managed to get this centreback in with a 242 exchange involving Lauardia, Richarlison & 18m PENce for De Long & De Ligt.
Big Boss got his hands on one for the future with this 18yr old Ajax starlet already linked with the mighty Barcelona, i think most of the dutch football community hopes he stays in his homeland to develop his undoubted talent.

LB - L. Augustinsson (77)
Tjodd went all in with a rare PENce only offer of 42m PENce to get this tasty fullback.
Bremen full back Augustinsson already has more than a dozen caps for the Swedish national team & linked with Milan & Benfica, but good performance at he world cup could alert some of Europe even bigger names to make a move. Pace to burn attacking on the over lap & not too shabby with the set pieces was a major reason Tjodd was willing to part with big money.

DMF - D. Nedelcu (74)
A three for one deal saw Djuricic, De Las Cuevas & Brezancic leave for Nedelcu.
One of the few DMFs taken out the Dungeon, this young Steaua boy already has more than 70 top flight appearances under his belt & kicked on since his summer move.   Likened in style to Sergio Busquets it will be interesting to see how he pans out come PES19. 

AMF - M. Valbuena (81)
Old but gold is a perfect description for this legend. For Borges & 30m PENce Phoenix has a right-here-right now player.
Marseille legend enters PEN in the twilight of his career but dont sleep on this excellent midfielder, still has pace & technique to rival the very best in PEN.

LMF - L. Sane (83)
Possibly the slaggiest player in PEN, Donkeyhugger managed to grab this monster in a huge deal involving Pucciarelli, Jemerson + 60m PENce.
If Leroy can put consistency into his explosive style then the sky is the limit for this boy, starting to really kick on under Pep but already slaggy in game it will be interesting to see were PES goes with his ratings in the next edition. Will he prove worthy of the price paid?

RMF - X. Shaqiri (81)
Another slaggy winger, this time a proven Premier League star known for his strength on the ball and powerful left-footed shots. Dudu, Alisson & 21m was enough to get him in.
Standout performer in a poor stoke side this season but this stocky powerhouse, not lacking skill to complement it, should put the fear of god into opposition defences. 

CF - N. Kalinic (82)
d-a_Bat managed to get this top striker for Rony Lopes, A. Young & 20m PENce. He will without a doubt be a goal scoring machine.
This lad has come a long way since that failed stint in East Lancashire, a top quality all round striker will be hard to contain for majority of defences in PEN.

CF - Roger Martinez (79)
Another top striker has been drafted in, this time for Venom. It took 3 players to seal the deal - Baumgartlinger, Theo Hernandez, and Bruno Gonzaled.
This absolute béast of a forward will wreck havoc across the league there is no doubt, whether he keeps this ability going forward remains to be seen, a move to La Liga will be watched with intrigue by all involved.

So there we have it, 5 players rated 80 or more, and I must admit its quite a tasty team we have here with the only surprise being a lack of top-end DMF's being transferred through. 


What an XI to bring into PEN at this moment in time, bringing in some real talent!

Honourable mentions :

  • Suso (82 RWF, to Dortaboy)
  • R. Eremenko (79 AMF, to Jookoi)
  • J. Morieda (79 AMF, to Alexselva)
  • T. Inui (78 LWF, to Goat261)
  • S. Hanni (78 LWF, to Benstatman)
  • G. Lo Celso (78 AMF, to BadBrownBear)
  • D. Zapata (78 CF, to Mickyjustice)
  • Lautaro Martinez (77 CF, to Sunzibad)
  • A. Carroll (77 CF, to Kitchengun206)
  • J. Montero (77 LWF, to BadBrownBear)
  • Joel Robles (77 GK, to Sami3Lungs)
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