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Tuesday, 06 February 2018 10:48

THE BOD: The Inside Story

Written by ClaretMatt

The story of the January 2018 BOD window was one of contrasting reactions; highs & lows, excitement & disappointment, acceptance & denial, contentment & pantwettery, bums & slags…

There was a backlash against the BOD some said they didn’t know what they were doing, they’d f**ked up an institution, corrupted it’s purity. Others claimed they should be heralded for their effort or that this was little different than before and what the league needed.

Calls were made for the BOD’s discussions to be made public and whilst that was (rightfully) shot down, we spoke to an anonymous member of the BOD to get the inside track on this BOD window.  How were decisions made?  How much effort goes into it?  Do pookeynoodles get less favourable treatment?  Who did donkeyhugger blow to get Sane?


So how do decisions get made?

The offer gets made which gets copied into a thread for where it is discussed.  There’s 7 of us and the majority of offers had all 7 BOD members giving their opinion, unless it was blatantly a p**s poor offer in which case a minimum of 3 needed to agree to bin it.  Each BOD member generally gave their opinion of the value of the offer made and the value of the player(s) requested.

Cash was/is scarce so that was probably worth a bit more than players but players that would make good auctions or high value in general were obviously more interest to the BOD than the bum that had been listed for weeks without a sniff or the obvious soon to be AWOL.

For the player(s) requested we all know the brief with the BOD, if they would go for 35m at auction then you can’t be expecting to get him for that or less – the BOD needs it’s cut.

So what was the cut?

Well that depends on the player. For a player in demand like a slag, a hyped youngster or a player from a popular team that cut could be over 50% of the player’s estimated market value.  For someone with little to no value beyond sentimental to the person making the offer then maybe we’d only need 5m over value.  It’s hard to be specific because it really is dependent on the player.

What kind of discussions really go on?  Do some people get less favourable treatment?

No.  Even someone bitching about the BOD whilst decisions were being made had their deals judged on the same criteria.  There were some deals that were laughed out the boardroom but that was because of the offer, not the person making it.

Also, when you've got Baz in the boardroom then suddenly the pookeynoodles on the outside don't seem all that bad.


Can you share an example of a deal being discussed?

It’s hard because potentially this would be devaluing players in PEN or those that could return to PEN at a later date via auctions or new starter teams.  I’ve found an exchange on an offer which was accepted which with names and some details redacted illustrates an exchange on the BOD and is tricky to trace back without someone being a massive loser.

The offer was 2 players for 1.

BOD 1: Don’t rate ***** myself but is good in game.  On the fence myself

BOD 2: It’s a 40m offer for ***** who I’d value at 25 – 30m max, so I’d take that.

BOD 3: I could go for it but I don’t value the offer as highly as [BOD 2] with one being older with a contract running down.

BOD 2: ***** did just get a 32m offer and think 8m for ****** is about right

BOD 3: Yeah that’s fair, don’t value ***** over 30m personally but if he has the offer…

BOD 1: Cash would be worth more so if he was smart he’d sell the player and offer the cash lol.  Accept & let him decide

BOD 4: Agree it


What are your thoughts on the BOD window and the backlash?

I’ve got to be honest and say I was close to throwing my toys out of the pram, I sunk well over 4 hours into creating new teams for those that requested resets since we didn’t have enough suitable players in the PEN database to build so many teams.  Each player had to have their IRL status checked so that AWOL risks or wonderkids weren’t being handed out – it took a fair bit of effort.  God knows how long I spent researching and discussing offers but it was a big chunk of time so to get criticised by people who hadn’t invested that kind of time did p**s me off.  At the end of the day though you don’t gain anything being a whiny bitch so it’s water under the bridge, whilst I spent a lot of time on the BOD window it was something I volunteered for and I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it.

Hopefully the majority of PEN enjoyed it too.

Finally, who did donkeyhugger blow to get Sane?

The donkey, it’s a Blackburn thing.


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