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Goal of the Month - January

Written by Sami3lungs

Keats once penned
"A thing of beauty is a joy forever"
And I'm inclined to agree after viewing the winner of this months GOTM

This meticulous manual magician plies his trade in Div 2 and he has a satisfying smile on his face, kind of smile that's giving the middle finger to all those in the higher divisions, that the true class resides in the lower tier of Pen

Collectively known to his friends as Triple F, Fuma Fabulous Fubar took time out from piecing his 5,000 piece jigsaw of Franz Beckenbauer to answer a few questions

Congratulations on your GOTM win , that was some strike but looking at his finishing stats of 65 and kicking power of 74 it must have had you jumping out of your seat when it flew in from that distance?

Hello Sami and thanks. Is a good feeling to be back at the top. Last time i was sitting here for the winner interview was after my back to back GOTMs in May and June 2016.
Jeffs goal was awesome and we were storming the field to celebrate with him. We didnt expect that from him to be honest. Unfortunately at this day there wasnt much to celebrate at the end. After Jeff opened the scoring wit his rocket all went down and the game ended in a 1-4 loss against Rdotman.

So not so long ago your squad was awash with the German flag but it has a much more cosmopolitan look about it now.
Will this months win prompt you to go for a Irish theme?

You´re right here...the big Reset in the leagues forced us to change our transfer policy. 20% of the team are Germans now we were close to 90% before. As a German club we are always looking to bring in the best country men but the quality from the available players isn't as good as before. We don't want to restrict us with a "Theme" and consider more then ever in a good mix. Diversity and a mix of different cultures is a big part of our team now.

Where would you rank this goal in all the crackers you've scored in your time at Pen?
(God knows I've been on the sore end of some over the years)

When i watch the collection of goals my favourite one is still the goal Julian (Draxler) scored in June 2016. Great buildup on the wing and then a beautiful body control from Julian to finish this with a overhead kick. The runner up of my favourite goals here is the goal from Jota. He was very disappointed that he didn't make it to the votes for the GOTM with his overhead finish. We all here in Hamburg and even Jeff think this goal deserve more credit. I immediately had a flashback to 2016 and the goal from Julian jumps into my mind.

I'm very proud of my players!

I would imagine that's added a few PENce to his value, have you had any vultures swooping, trying to acquire his services?

Jeff was always a player i rate highly. He is a great player and is a first choice midfielder since the reset. Of course there were some offers in the past most of them from the guys in claret and blue but none of them were worth to sell Jeff. tbh i considered to sell him in the past week cause of financial problems so he possible saved his job with that goal.

PENce is always welcome , what will you put it towards , save it for wages or towards an upgrade maybe or whisk Mrs Fubar away for the weekend? 

As i said before it is the perfect timing to win some PENce. Valentines day was very expensive but Mrs Fubar had none of it. I decided to add another puzzle peace to the squad and secure the service of Andé Ayew in the auctions. Think now is the time that Mrs Fubar will get something back for all of her support.......nah this cash will be saved for wages or i try to find an upgrade. There are still some positions I'm not quite happy with...the GK spot is one of them.

Thanks for your time my friend and I'm quite sure we haven't seen the last of your entries for GOTM, long may they continue 

Thanks for the interview was great to be back again, and I will be right back next month!

I pondered after speaking to Fubar whether I should convert to the dark side and buy an Xbox, so that I would have a chance of winning this prestigious prize, but alas as I look down my hands resemble that of a 9 year old girl, so no chance with a man size controller but they are the right size to send a PM or 8 

Thanks to everyone who entered and to those who created the video and to all who voted 

Good Luck next month 

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