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Wednesday, 21 March 2018 13:06

PEN Premiership Team Of The Year

Written by Wehresmark

PEN Premiership Team Of The Year


With the season drawing to a close, here's a quick look at the PFA (Pen Football Association) Team of the year. 

The formation chosen has been a wide 4-4-2 Diamond, with the manager being Qvart.  Many players missed out on the cut by mere fractions, to make the grade the players had to stand out head and shoulders above their peers. 

This is a PEN dream team to die for. The squad contains 11 star players and would cost well in excess of 1 billion PENce - Drool.

GK: Stefano Sorrentino  - Goat


The Goal Keeper for this creme de la creme of teams was an easy choice. Playing in one of the meanest defences this keeper has already attained the most clean sheets in the league, with many games left to play.  He will probably go on to have over 10 clean sheets which is no mean feet in Proevonetworks Prem. 

Blessed with exceptional GK skills and fantastic coverage he has really made this quite an easy choice. 



LB: Kolasinac * - Rdotman


This machine of a player has mainly plied his trade for Rdotmans Arsenal, but he has also played for Premiership managers Sunzibad and Chucka. An absolute animal, he can play LB, CB and DM with ease and is a real thorn to play against. He takes out Left Back spot

Impressive defensive stats, speed and physical presence make him a player every manager would want in their side.  



CB: Barboza - Cartesian


Our first Center Back is Barboza; he's  played the season for struggling manager Cartesian however it's the teams forward line who have left something to be desired. Where as the defence has covered themselves in glory being well organised, stubborn and difficult to break down. 

Barboza is strong all round, very tall and good on the ball for such an imposing figure. 

CB.png 77 A. BARBOZA 


CB: Diego Llorente * - Dobby


The defensive darling of Dobby's team, Llorente has formed a formidable partnership with Bastos at the back, making them one of the most difficult defenses to break down. He takes our second Center Back position

Like most of Alkmaars defenders; he is strong, quick and good in the tackle. 



RB: Dubois - Qvart


Our Right Back spot is taken by probable league winner Qvart (congratulations) The French fullback has played a vital role in the well oiled machine of Clermont Foot. 

Good all round, the pacey fullback has an exceptional long throw and can run for days, getting up and down the wing. 

RB.png 79 L. DUBOIS


DM: Luckassen * - Dobby


Probably the most important player for title challenger Dobby's side. He can play DM and is even better at CB, a Pansexual of a player who is often found marking an opponents danger man out of the game. He is the defensive foundation of our midfield, taking the Defensive Midfield spot. 

Fast, strong, good defensively, there's not much missing from this players locker. 



LM: G Martinez * - Goat


The Left Midfield spot is taken by G Martinez who is running the show for Manchester City. The manager Goat utilises his mesmerising dribbling and powerful shooting from distance. The winger takes many of the clubs set pieces and is dangerous playing direct or indirect balls in. 

Very explosive, very dribbly with a superb strike, this player is a real handful.



RM: Pavon * - Sunzi


The Right Midfield position is taken up by Argentine Pavon who plays for league challengers Monaco managed by Sunzibad. Despite playing RWF this player was the teams top scorer before being sold in a deal that was too good to refuse.  The blistering winger changed his game midway through the season but was still the most dangerous player in Monaco's side. 

Pavon is xtremely quick with good dribbling skills and a crazy low center of gravity due to his height.

RWF.png 80 C. PAVON


AM: Ricardo Goulart * - Wheresmark


Ricardo Goulart has played many positions for Wheresmark's Guangzhou Evergrande. The majestic player has knitted the title challengers play together, chipping in with goals and assists whilst being the perfect foil for Guangzhou's forward players. He is in as our Attacking Midfielder. 

With a sublime touch, great dribbling and a rocket shot; Ricky is a pleasure to use.



CF: Scotty Hogan - Wheresmark


Also from Wheresmark's Guangzhou Evergrande is Scotty Hogan who is the first of our Center Forwards. The most dangerous player in the league is leading the Prem's Golden Boot charts with 46 goals; a lead with is surely unsurpassable.

The striker is our fastest player, he makes exceptional runs and has good finishing stats.

CF.png 72 S. HOGAN

 We caught up with the league's top scorer in this interview 


CF: Ricky Van Wolfswinkle - Qvart


Our second Center Forward position is taken by Qvart's Ricky Van Wolswinkle. The deadly striker is second in the goal scoring charts and has amassed 13 MOTM awards which is pipping his team of the year Hogans to first place. Ricky is in as our player of the year. 

Ricky makes fantastic attacking runs and has fantastic heading and finishing stats.




Ben Foster - Big Boss

Emerson - Goat

Holding - Rdotman

Julien - Dortaboy

Obiang - DJtruckstop

Bruno Fernandes * - Qvart

Joa Moutinho * - Seanachais

Centurion - Sunzi

Dolberg * - Big Boss

Falcao * - Seanachais

Roger Martinez * - Venom

Driussi * - Dobby


Our team of the year is a disgusting slag fest of a squad that all of us would like to own. How many of these players will be at their respective clubs this time next season? Who will be omitted and whom will be included in next seasons Team Of The Season?  There's only one way to find out. 


Thanks for reading.

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