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Goal of the Month - March

Written by Sami3lungs

Once again I find myself in Germany to interview serial GOTM winner Fubar. My gaffer and editor Goat261 has told me that he has set me up in part time residence for at least until the end of April, such is the German's ownership of the monthly medal.
He meets me in a local coffee shop and beckons me outside so he can smoke. Cafe creme cigar and espresso, Savile Row suit ,Dita grandmaster shades .. Shift uneasy in my chair, folk pass by, asking for selfies and autographs, It's at this moment i realise I'm in the presence of a celebrity whose Gotm prowess has earned it's perks

I'm back again my german friend and obviously congratulations are in order, but isn't this becoming a little too repetitive as you're turning Gotm into ownership

Hi Sami thanks for the warm welcome. Good to be back again. I was thinking about changing my name to 'Mr. GOTM'

It's ridiculous by how far you won it by, but I'm going to be straight with you, I expected Dan's (Khazi) goal and Spragga's brilliant team goal to run you very close, although on second thoughts Dan's was probably a cross and he won't admit it.
I thought the beauty of your goal was in the dribble beforehand rather than the actual goal itself.
My question is, yes there is a question, if other members like the two mentioned above are producing beautiful goals such as that and getting nowhere near first prize, do you think they will give up if they see you have an entry in future Gotm?

There were alot of great goals this month and I too was a little suprised that i won it with so many votes. So first I have to thank all the lads at PEN who voted for me. BUT I am sad that only a handful of members cared about the competition this month, when you see the number of votes compared to the amount of members (32 votes). This should definitely change in the future.
I hope that the other guys will till try to win this in the future. But i can promise that i will be there aswell for season 13


This is very short but blunt question, why are you the daddy of Gotm but in the league you're a little bit 'Meh', feel you're in danger of becoming labelled as a one trick pony?

Its all about enjoying the game I love. Of course i would prefer to play beautiful and succesful football but its not all about winning. For season 13 of course i try to finish higher and before the first game is started the eye is always on reaching promotion.


I see you have an absolute huge budget, with your win here adding another 15m to it, do you have any specific targets and what are your hopes for the new season?

Its the first time in my pen history that i have 100+m to spend. Of course there are some spots to fill. For the new season we are in need of a first team CB, DMF and another striker. I have no specific players in mind atm but I am sure this cash will be spent on increasing the overall strenght of the squad.

There are a few newcomers to the league for season 13, have you had a chance to play them and who do you see as being promotion candidates this season?

Didnt have the time to play any of the newcomers as of yet, but I'm sure the new lads are a great addition to the Divison and PEN.


See you haven't been on in sometime, time to get some practice in don't you think? Thought you lot prided itself on attention to detail or are you that confident in your ability?

Didn't touch the game since the end of season 12 but this will change in the upcoming days. I can guarentee that i will be prepared for season 13. 


Been a pleasure once again my friend but before i go did you ever finish that 5,000 piece jigsaw of The Kaiser ?

It took me a day to complete and has pride of place in one of my summer retreats. I'm currently studying Greek sculpture techniques to best create everything we Germans are best at, football, automobiles. the Brandenburg Gate and so on


I ponder and think to myself, no mention of towels on deckchairs and shizer videos then. Been here two weeks now and hoping my boss Goat261 will recall me back to the office, as walking around in this lederhosen is starting to chaif a tad and the bratwurst is starting to back me up, but I like the silly hat, that's coming home with me

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