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09 Sep 2018

Goal of the Month - August

Written by SouthernSofty

We return for another month of spectacular goals. With August just gone, it was time to settle which goal submitted would be the months champion. And our Winner was..... DJQuantum with a precise shot which flew directly into the top right corner of the goal, thanks to Rogic putting his laces through it from outside the box. I put on my suit and interviewed DJQuantum on his winning goal and his Performance review for Season 13.

What a fantastic strike by Rogic! What feelings did you and your opponent have immediately after that goal?

Immense joy from me, the build up was great, the headed knock down was tidy and the smash into the top corner was unexpectedly amazing! Gino also thought it was smashing, he even let me watch the replay right to the end!

Rogic being one of your oldest players for Antofagasta, has he been a key player for Season 13 or was he an unexpected talent recently?

In 2018 he was a bit part player, only being used when required due to form. He has had an upgrade though, meaning he will definitely be a key player in 2019.


Was there a goal(s) you liked personally, from the August GOTM submissions, except for your own of course?

There were a few similar goals this month, a few volleys and a couple flicks. My fav though was Martinez from Sunzi. Frillypink through ball and a couple of tricks to get the space to finish. Tekkers! 

How would you describe your overall performance in season 13. Has it been a good season?

Well, after a decent start I took a reset when BOD offered them. and that set me back a bit, in retrospect that was a bad move. I fell down the table and though I picked up more points towards the end of the season it was too little too late and I ended up in a relegation playoff. However, I won that so stay in D1 and hopeful of a better campaign in the season ahead. 

Do you have any plans to prepare for the new season, including Transfer Deadline Day?

Nothing in mind really. I tend to do bursts of activity as I like to keep a settled team really, so I don't have any plans at the moment. Looking forward to TDD though as there are always bargains to be had. 

New faces in the world of PEN, infact plenty of them!. Have you interacted with any, maybe even played a few friendlies against them. If so how would you describe the time?

I've played a few guys but only for a game or two. It's great to see such an influx of new players, hopefully they stick around and help enhance and expand the PEN community to even greather heights. 

Last thing not least, as you have The best goal of August, you will receive some PENce as your prize. Will there be any upcoming plans to use those funds?

I'll put them towards trying secure the Celtic brand for 2019! 


Another month, another winner. The PEN Community will be looking forward to viewing future GOTM for PES 2019. If you have scored a goal that you were impressed with, make sure to submit it on PEN Forums for a chance to be interviewed. Also to remember to vote for your favourite goal. Every vote matters!

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