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FAF'ing Around!

Following the completion of over 170 transfers within a frenzied 24 hours of the Season 11, Post-Reset, Transfer Window opening,  wide-eyed, weary PEN junkies could be forgiven for seeking a calmer Friday morning browsing the forum over their cornflakes, but the establishment had other ideas... It was time to inject – it was time to introduce the FAFs!

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Coquelin & Kante - Super Smash Brothers

Spanish Division 1 side Espanyol have splashed the cash and reinforced their midfield with two of finest French midfielders available in the Pro Evo Network market. Manager Darren Addison has been over the moon since the signings of Francis Coquelin and N'Golo Kante became official. In the sharktank known as the PS4 Division 1 a strong midfield is an absolute necessity, and with these two recent additions the Espanyol midfield is stronger than ever before.
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Swiss Toni's guide to PEN

If you aren't a fan of The Fast Show's humour (yes our American friends reading this... there's a "u" in humour ;) ) then this article may be lost on you... 

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The Sweet Voices of PEN Radio

What started out in the dark corners of PEN's forums. Selling podcasts on the black-market for PENce (PEN's currency), those craving some sort of communication from PEN to outside world has finally been given a platform to spread the word!
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