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Season 14 AWOL Squad

Pro Evo Network season 14 has started with a bang; teams handed out to the unlearned noobs, transfer window open, league games underway and AWOLs dealt with. 


Managers had a chance to recommend an equal player to replace their AWOL if they happened to be out of the game due to the great Konami second league f**k up of 2019, or to get a BOD approved sum of PENce for a standard AWOL.  

We take a gander here at a particularly tasty PEN eleven and subs from the poor players who are no longer with us. 




Przemyslaw Tyton 

Journeyman GK who was good, once upon a time. Without a club and looking at the moment.  




Talented LB recently relegated with Malaga. Could still easily be a La Liga player.  




The closest AWOL lookalike in our list to Sponge Bob Square Pants. Huth is without a club since Leicester released him.     




Spanish CB Alexis moved from Alaves to Ahly. He will be sadly missed.   




Probably the fittest player on PEN, he moved to boyhood club Chievo in Serie B and got Konami'd. Legend R.I.P.




Strong, tenacious, adaptable. AWOL. Laters 




The most red cards in top flight European football. Baller, captained Padova to a Seria C-2 win and came up to Serie B only to be Konami'd. Legend R.I.P 




More interested in Reggeaton than football - here's to a good music career!




Wonderkid went bad came good. Unfortunately got Red Bull syndrome.




Also got Red Bull syndrome, the most valuable player on our AWOL list.  




An absolute animal, an animal that plays in Mexico.


Honorable mentions to other fallen heroes; 
















This is a squad that would rival PENS best.  Hopefully we will see these legends return in the future. 

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PEN Premiership Team Of The Year

PEN Premiership Team Of The Year


With the season drawing to a close, here's a quick look at the PFA (Pen Football Association) Team of the year. 

The formation chosen has been a wide 4-4-2 Diamond, with the manager being Qvart.  Many players missed out on the cut by mere fractions, to make the grade the players had to stand out head and shoulders above their peers. 

This is a PEN dream team to die for. The squad contains 11 star players and would cost well in excess of 1 billion PENce - Drool.

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'Scotty doesn't know'

From non-League to Premier League top-scorer, meet Scott Hogan, the Guangzhou Evergrande striker who has taken the PS4 Prem by storm with an incredible haul of 35 goals in 22 games! Renowned for his scintillating pace, incision and precision, Scotty doesn't know anything other than how to score goals but it hasn't always been plain sailing for the Irishman.



Scotty started out at amateur side Woodley Sports before making the move to Halifax Town where he endured an unsuccessful spell; Hogan was farmed out on loan and eventually released by the non-League side. Football never left him though and he signed for Stocksbridge Park Steels whilst working in his local Amazon warehouse picking orders. Impressive stints at subsequent clubs Ashton and Hyde paved the way for a move to Rochdale where he quickly cemented his reputation as a prolific striker - the striker we have come to know today. The goals earned Hogan another move, this time to Championship side Brentford where he maintained his impressive goalscoring record and attracted the interest of Red Bull and West Ham United. However injury cruelly denied him a January move. Aston Villa would place the faith in Scotty and secured his services for £12 million. Injuries blighted Hogan's early progress with the Brummy side but 'Scotty doesn't know'... The striker regained form and started to find the back of the net again - this time he would not be denied the move his performances have threatened to secure; Guangzhou Evergrande came calling splashing £45 million to take the Irishman across continents. This is where Scotty Hogan began and continues to break all the records. 



After spending a day at a Guangzhou Evergrande training session, Proevonetwork reporter Darren Neverwrong caught up with the blisteringly fast striker at his Guangzhou 'bedsit'.    



Scotty, let's get straight to it, what's the secret behind your Premier League scoring success? 

It's easy Darren, I just sit on the shoulder of the last man, wait until Jonjo or Andre is about to raise their golf club-like right leg an then I  run really, really, really fast, towards goal. When the ball comes, I run with it some more, see the goalkeeper's position and shoot where he isn't.  It's easy.


You do make it sound easy Scott, can anyone with pace do what you're doing? 

To be honest Dazza, they probably can. If they are already fast as fook, it's a case of practicing their timing and runs, and get good at hitting the ball where the keeper isn't; then they'll be able to do just what I do.  I have to give a lot of credit to my team-mates and the coaching staff at the club. 


Do you think Ricky Van Wolswinkle can catch up and take the crown away from you? 

No chance mate, he's bang average. 


That seems pretty settled Scott, what about the title, are you as confident about winning that as you are the Golden Boot?

We have a very good chance Daz, we're outsiders but we have a chance.  After the recent walkover wins over title hopefuls Clermont-Foot and AZ Alkmaar we now have such a strong belief within the squad. All I can do is continue banging in these 5 yarders and do my bit. 


That's an interesting assessment, how is your manager handling the pressure of such a tumultuous time? We've seen a fair few managers lose the plot lately.

He is the same as always to be honest; drags himself into the office a bit worse for wear about three hours late, has a few coffees, a couple of cigars before meticulously studying our opponents weaknesses and drilling the team over and over. It's very hard work, but all the lads have massive respect for him and what we're doing here. 


Out of the lads, which player is the biggest joy to play with? 

Putting me on the spot here aren't you fella! We really are a team though to be honest. The defence have been outstanding all season and we have the best keeper in the Network. With Andre Andre, Jonjo Shelvey and Lewis Baker playing behind me it's a dream come true; their passing ranges are exquisite and I have the confidence in them to find me every time I make a run. Then there's Izzy, hes creates so much space for me with his own runs, I owe a lot to him - he doesn't really get the plaudits himself, but that's the kind of selfless player he is. It wouldn't be the same without  the jokers in the dressing room neither, Pinzi and Hojbjerg are nutters - they keep the team spirit up when things are going against us, both never stop running for the team either, and will do any job asked. However, the guy who's a dream to play with is Ricky Goulart, he's a pure magician, he's the best player I've ever played with; he's taken a step back from being our primary goalscoring threat, that shows how much he loves this club. 


Which players have been the most difficult to play against this season? 

I know the lads had a big problem containing Falcao and we were blown away in a couple of friendlies by that stupendous slag Roger Martinez. From a personal point of view Diego Llorente and Bastos contained me very well and I really struggled against them when we visited Alkmaar, or as we call it Seagull Sh*t City, I had to completely change my runs and when I made them in the return fixture.  I also found Barboza a very difficult defender to play against, he did very well against me. 


Where do you see yourself next season Scott, is your future at Guangzhou? 

Definitely! I'm not sure about my long term future; If Real Madrid or Barcelona come knocking it'll be hard to resist. For the next 3 or 4 seasons though, I can't see beyond Guangzhou - try and see what we can achieve as a team.


On the topic of leaving Guangzhou; whilst Scotty has no intentions to do so just yet, it would be a good place for us to to fittingly close.

I've been Darren Neverwrong with this all access 1 to 1 with the Premier Leagues #1 striker, Scotty Hogan. Stay tuned for future installments and possible interviews with Guangzhou's mercurial talisman Ricky Goulart or the pantomime pair of Pinzi and Hojbjerg.

For now, as they say here in China, Zai Jian or Good-bye.





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Ratio League November 2017

November saw the third month of Ratio matches for PES2018 and there were some cracking games, including an undefeated manager! With 84 games played across 34 managers there were plenty of nail-biting results coming through every day!

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