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Wednesday, 27 June 2018 16:06

Goal of the Month - May

With a feast of entries to view, the poll for Mays PEN Goal of the Month was open. Consisting of 10 excellent goals the voters were spoilt for choice , with goals varying from Long rangers, to Acrobatic finishes, team goals and individual brilliance, the vote was surely going to be a close run thing right?
Wrong! Tjodds Acrobatic sideways scissors kick with Kurtic simply ran away with it and deservedly so. Today we have a few words with the May Goal of the Month Winner Tjodd.

Firstly Tjodd, congratulations on your win it was a truly exceptional goal, what were your initial thoughts on the goal?

Kurtic why did you throw yourself in like ..... oh...Then I said nothing for a few seconds, I couldn't find any words. My opponent Phillyrich repeated Wow a few times.

So you were shocked to see Kurtic produce this finish? Or is this kind of a goal a regular thing for him?

Kurtic is a wonderful player, with a mean shot and good ball control. But he always stays on the ground when he shoots! He is mostly used as part of the buildup, along with creating spaces with his Hole card. So no, that kind of goals is not common, at all.

With 35% of the vote from a very healthy 68 votes did you expect such a run away win?

That many votes surprised me a bit honestly, as I expected Rodri to win more votes. But as a few said, Kurtic goal is probably more unique and uncommon.


When you watched the Goal of the month video which goals did you expect to be tough competition ?

Dante and Cartabia. Great goals. Both of them shows more skill with the ball and good timing.


Having won this coveted award you will receive a sum of PENce , what will you be looking to improve with this?

I'm looking for a quality striker. Ever since I decided to sell Mounie I'm having trouble scoring "easy" goals. Finally getting close to a sum of PENce that will hopefully help me with that.


So there we have it from Mays Goal of the month winner Tjodd , whose Midfield maestro Kurtic ran away with the votes in style.

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Saturday, 09 September 2017 09:11

PES 2018 - Where to buy

With just 5 Days until the European Release of PES 2018, the team here at have got you covered with the all the information you need to get that glorious football game into your Xbox or PS4 as early as possible, and as cheaply as possible. But first allow me to reintroduce myself.

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Sunday, 20 August 2017 19:29

Goal Of the Month - July

Welcome back everybody, a whole month has passed so soon! With Vegavoss now in the back of our minds, it’s already time to crown a new GOTM champion! And as always Rage Reporter Lisoti is first on site to give the winner an exclusive interview! So let’s give it up, for the one and only…. Pipps!! 

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Wednesday, 19 July 2017 20:39

Goal Of the Month - June

For the people who don’t know him, let’s meet Vegasvoss, manager of Getafe. The first GOTM winner of this season!!


First of all , congratulations VegaVoss, glad to have you with me. It was a close call but but in the end you managed to leave Spragga and Big Boss behind. How does it feel to be the FIRST winner of GOTM season 11?

Aye it feels pretty good to be voted the Gotm inner and a bit of a surprise, I never even thought of entering until Big Boss made the suggestion.

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