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Goal Of the Month - June

For the people who don’t know him, let’s meet Vegasvoss, manager of Getafe. The first GOTM winner of this season!!


First of all , congratulations VegaVoss, glad to have you with me. It was a close call but but in the end you managed to leave Spragga and Big Boss behind. How does it feel to be the FIRST winner of GOTM season 11?

Aye it feels pretty good to be voted the Gotm inner and a bit of a surprise, I never even thought of entering until Big Boss made the suggestion.

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Goal of the Month - February

GOTM returns and in emphatic style, style being the operative word as this month’s offering comes to us from the Fashion Capitol itself, Milan!
Dortabadboy’s fantastic strike takes the gong for Februrary courtesy of the chic Thiago Alcantara. Enjoy

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Gotm winner - May

This week we traveled to the northern part of the Netherlands to talk to Heerenveen manager Fubar. Heerenveen's Christoph Kramer scored an amazing back heel goal to win this months goal of the month, we will discuss this among other topics. 

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100 Not Out

Today saw a landmark day in season 6 of PEN as Parma became the 1st team to reach 100 goals for. At the beginning of the season nothing much was expected from the Italian team, the fans were largely unimpressed when news broke that Evil-Cat-Lord was to be there new manager, a manger who in 2 previous seasons had managed to lead Swansea and Fiorentina to the bottom of the their respective leagues with less wins than teeth on a Jeremy Kyle guest.

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