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Goal Of the Month - August

As season 11 has come to an end, there’s only one more GOTM award to give away. Hold up, I need to correct myself here. I have a small surprise for you hehe.. there are two GOTM awards this month!

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ProEvoNetwork Season 11 Awards

Season 11 has been a funny one really, and somewhat a learning curve for all PEN managers. Not only was everyone facing a new squad from the reset, but a the same time PES2018 was due out at the end of the season, so all managers had to be mindful of this. 

It is always Frillypink to find out what managers think of each other, and what a better way than the Awards Ceremony. All managers are invited to vote for each category. Some voted for themselves, and others chose not to vote at all! There were 59 managers who took part in the end, so here are the results!
























And for the stattos out there, here are all the results collated into one table:-



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Goal Of the Month - July

Welcome back everybody, a whole month has passed so soon! With Vegavoss now in the back of our minds, it’s already time to crown a new GOTM champion! And as always Rage Reporter Lisoti is first on site to give the winner an exclusive interview! So let’s give it up, for the one and only…. Pipps!! 

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Straight out the PEN - meet PEN's bad boy

The turbulent career of Ricky Centurion took yet another turn following the completion of his 40M PENce transfer to Benfica - but is the Argentine forward finally swapping the rap sheet for the team sheet?

Guns, bar-room brawls, allegations of assault, high-profile affairs, drunk and disorderly charges - including a hit and run involving his BMW whilst under the influence - nude selfies and more guns; Ricardo Centurion's professional career has been blighted by scandals since he burst on to the scene for hometown side Racing Club de Avellaneda - yet manager's continue to take a chance on him.

In the last year alone Centurion's indiscretions have hit the headlines 6 times - but his back-page performances continue to convince manager's to keep the faith. Following Carlos Tevez's transfer to Shanghai Shenhua, Centurion - despite being on loan from Sao Paolo - was entrusted with the Boca number 10 shirt and returned 8 goals in 17 games, second only in strike-rate to Primera Division top scorer Dario Benedetto. Boca Junior's manager Guillermo Barros Schelotto has stood by the troubled forward all season long and when Centurion's loan expired, went as far as to phoning him 15 times whilst he was undertaking a medical at Genoa to persuade him to return to Boca instead. True to form Centurion fled Italy when Genoa had all but thought the transfer had been completed, met with Boca officials later that evening before ending up in a bowling alley bust-up before the night was out - you couldn't make it up but then it's hardly surprising where Centurion's concerned!






This latest misdemeanour has seen even Schelotto's support for Centurion wain. Following the bowling alley altercation in Lanus, Boca officials insisted on the insertion of a number of 'good behaviour' clauses for the transfer to take place however Centurion's agent rejected the proposals.

The decision (to reject the clauses) demonstrates the lack of confidence he has in his client - another Centurion scandal could potentially lead to the immediate termination of what was thought to be a 3 year contract offer - rejecting the clauses somewhat safeguard Centurion's future for at least three years; conversely, rejecting the clauses sends out the wrong message: that interested suitors should be prepared to tolerate Centurion's unpredictability because he cannot be trusted to reform himself.

The player himself has not indicated an intention to improve his conduct and instead confessed that he was surprised that he had the trust of the fans, his team-mates and the coaching staff. Bizarre.




Eagles Swoop


Whilst Boca deliberated over the deal, Benfica took advantage of the uncertainty and made a swoop for the 23-year old. Details of the terms remain shrouded in secrecy but the fee is believed to be in the region of 40M PENce.

'Ricardo Centurion is a Benfica player' confirmed a spokesperson for the club.

Worryingly Centurion has not been sighted since being apprehended outside the Lanus bowling alley.

The expectation is that Centurion will slot into a front line consisting of Danish flyer Pione Sisto and the galvanised Bruno Gama, interchanging as flexible False-9's. Centurion will be tasked with replacing the club's outgoing top-scorer Lautaro Acosta however application and ability on field has never been in question and on that front Benfica has much to look forward to.

The problem is whether Centurion will turn up for training or be available for the next match. There is as much chance of him scoring these days as there is of him being arrested, shot, or dead quite frankly.

Seemingly just another day in the life of PEN's bad boy... Benfica welcomes you 'Ricky'.




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