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Marega, the new Andre Silva for Universidad de Chile

Written by Coniglio

Back in 2017 when I first started playing on PEN, I made a few signings and the team remained pretty much the same for a very very VERY long time, barely any changes were made. Some of the names that had joined the team back then were: Lascelles, Tore, Pussetto and Andre Silva. All did great and were fantastic on their own way, but Andre Silva was the main player of the team. Lethal!

Was fast enough, good with the ball, was able to pass it around, good in the air and good finishing. In real life, he was meant to be a big star but sadly his career was not going anywhere, unlike here in the PEN universe. Where he was scoring goals, assists and being the star of my virtual team. I couldn't complain! Life was good.

Things were even better as he was never downgraded due to his lack of playing time IRL... he actually received upgrades a few times!

If you have been here before or as long as, you know I only get involved in the market a few times per season. As you would have expected from me, he remained with the team for 1 to 2 years (maybe even more than 2 lol, no idea). From when I joined until almost the end of PES 19 (or maybe beginning of 20? cant remember), I think. He was purchased for 60m PENce,  ad was worth every penny. People tried to take him away, 75-80m offers were received at different points of this long stay but there was never even a conversation about it. Just simple, quick rejections. 

At some point during the end of the previous season I finally decided to make some changes to the team, many left, including Silva and ever since thing that happened the team has had a horrible time. No successes whatsoever. We barely won 3 games all season before the start of this new campaign.

The new start has brought new faces, and finally, a possible successor to finally take the place of that empty spot after Silvas departure. A similar player, something we had been looking for but had not been able to find. Tall, fast, passing skills, good in the air and can score. Who is the new savior of Universidad de Chile?


Moussa Marega


Check out his stats, taken from the glorious Pro Evo Network utility, the envy of any copycat Transfer League System on the internet, PENdb



You look at that and you said, not bad, but what is the big deal?

Well, this gentleman has already scored 17 goals, 1 assists and MOTM. in 8 games!



But what had Andre Silva done for the team to be able to stay for 2 years?
These below are only 2 recorded seasons of the many other he had played.

Back with the original team:


Towards the end of his career, maybe PES 19? When the bad boy M. Depay was his main partner:


As you can see, he was very successful. 35 goals in one season, with 32 games played. Who knows how many more he had in between the non recorded seasons. 

Now that we have some numbers, we understand who Andre Silva was and why he was so loved. But also brings into plate what Marega has already achieved so far and what this could mean for the team. Is Marega the new Andre Silva? Has he brought the missing piece we had with Silva a few years ago when we had won more than 3 games in a season? Well, with 17 goals in 8 games. He is half way there to beat Silvas goals record. If this continues, very soon we will be asking, Andre Silva who?

With the help of R. Fraser and G. Xhaka he might very well go beyond any possible records Silva could have set in any of other seasons. Fraser has already had 10 assists, I would say at least of them 8 found our main man Marega. And from behind we have Xhaka contributing great passing skills, movement and defense.

The sky's the limit for Universidad de Chile's new star. Lets see where his stats will be at the end of the season. But I am starting to no longer regret letting Silva go a few months back.

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