Saturday, 09 May 2020

Transfer Window Review

Written by FungusKing

So... What is it that keeps you coming back to PEN? Competitive yet-fun games of your favourite football video game? Totally un-matched community spirit? a 21 page thread on the shape of our planet? They're all good answers, but let's face it, there's one thing above all else that has most of us hooked like a crackhead on, er... well, crack; TRANSFERS.

With that in mind, I thought now would be an opportune time to take a quick look back at this season's first transfer window. As always, I'll try to let the pictures do most of the talking:


Close to £6 BILLION was spent over 12 days, that's almost £500million a day, you crazy, spend-a-holic b*stards.  



In an interesting juxtaposition, the busiest day for transfers was the day of the window closing (£728m spent over 28 separate deals), while the busiest day for swap deals was the day of the window opening (with 29 deals completed, and £188m in cash changing hands). 



In a photo finish Worrisome Owl pipped Rambo to the title of top spender by just £500k! His 7 transfers and 9 swap deals saw him spend a whopping £225.5m. The biggest seller on the other hand was Hulk, who managed to bring in over £280m through 20 separate deals (but don't worry, the legendary "JERRY" still remains).



15 new players came into the leagues as Free Agents, netting Davo a cool £611.5million. Rumour has it he'll be using it to take a contract out on anyone who still thinks his actual name is Les Grossman...Davo: No one can be as cool or inspiring as Les Grossman. Not even my awesome self.  



Another Frillypink little earner for Davo were those sweet, sweet early sale fees. A total of £157m left the leagues via this impatience tax, with the 3 amigos of Hulk, Trooper and D rock accounting for a hefty 45% of that on their own!


Perhaps unsurprisingly given its bloated size this season, the PS4 Division 1 was the most active league in the window. Note; you lot who play in both the manual AND assisted leagues are right difficult sh*tbags for stuff like this, your deals are represented in your respective assisted leagues here.  


Another less than surprising statistic. Us motherf*ckers love us a striker. We spent £770m on Centre Forwards alone (and that's not including swap deals), which is around £170m more than the second highest position.  



Well would you look at that, England have won something. Yep, the coveted title of "Nationality of player that PEN managers spend the most cash on", finally we can move on from 1966... The rest of the top 10 is relatively unsurprising, but Peru sitting there at number 11 might be a shock to some.

So, hopefully that's enough to whet your appetite for the re-opening of the window. Let's see if we can top some of these figures eh? I may even revisit this later on in the season to check our progress. 

And always remember, please transfer responsibly...

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