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Welcome to Pro Evo Network!

Founded in 2004, Pro Evo Network, or PEN for short, is a Pro Evolution Soccer community and league structure with players from all over the world, including the UK, Ireland, USA, Netherlands, Poland, Finland, Spain and many more!

The uniqueness of the league set-up, thriving active community, and hard working staff help to ensure PEN is the longest running and largest league of it's kind.

The Leagues

The leagues have over 90 members across PS4 and Xbox One, with 4 divisions on PS4, and 2 on Xbox One. The league occurs in seasons, currently in it's 11th, with promotion and relegation across the leagues at the end of each season. Different knockout cup competitions also take place during the course of a season, much like real life.


When you are offered a league team, you are assigned a team with a variety of players from different clubs. This then becomes your team to compete with in the leagues! Fancy taking a look at all the current league teams? You can find them on our very own bespoke database system, PENdb.

How do I get a league spot?

Due to the amount of work that goes into setting up teams and leagues, they aren't given out instantly. The best way to show that you are ready for the leagues is to simply be active. This means posting in the forums on the site, playing friendlies against other members or even getting involved in community nights. There are also Reserve leagues on PS4 so aspiring new managers can prove their worth. Do all this and you'll be in a great position to be accepted into the leagues when a vacancy comes up.


Once you have your team, you can then do what you like with it! Transfers with other league members allows you to build the team you want to play with. Fancy a squad full of Brazilians? Spending your cash on a new superstar striker? Or trading your AMF for a DMF? You can! With the added layers or player wages and dealing with other real life members, this makes for a unique, realistic, and most of all extremely fun experience!


Within PEN, games are played in a relaxed and friendly way, with an emphasis on fair play, whilst still remaining competitive due to the league structure, most of all, PEN members just want to have fun and enjoy playing PES. You won't find through-ball spammers or exploitive formations here.

There's no need to feel chained to playing games every week, as league fixtures are released in batches that can be played in the order of your choice and to fit around your life. Busy week ahead? No problem, let your opponents know and play the games when you're available.

Community Nights and Events

PES Team play, Poker Nights, Battlefield, Overwatch + more. It's not all about 1v1 PES. Team up with your new PEN friends for some 11v11 team play, head to the trenches in Battlefield, settle in for a night of poker, or become a hero in Overwatch. There's lots to do within the community, with taking part in set community nights a good way to earn some extra cash to improve your PEN team.

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