Tuesday, 05 November 2019

For the love of green

Written by Miken333

I just got my brand for PES2020 and its been as journey 42 years in the making!

Confused? Read on………

As a kid I had a love of Green and still do, in my early days the best was Hibs or Celtic (the UK media was British centric at the time) and like all real fans I opted to follow my local team growing up; Portsmouth.

One night I listened into the radio for a live match in the European cup (in the seventies FFS!) and Liverpool were playing away to a French team no one had heard of. Well; Liverpool (the best team in Europe) were out played and my ears really pricked up when the commentator said they play in “striking green”. The highlights were on the TV later and when I saw the team run out it was instant and clear “I was in love with St Etienne!”, not just because of the green but also because if the brand of attacking flair football they played. The bigotry towards teams outside the UK was amazing, I was met with “why?” and outright criticism / confusion by my peers who were genuinely perplexed by my interest in them. I clung to “world Soccer” Magazine as the only outlet for nerds like me for news of St Etienne and the world game.

I had Subbuteo (all kids did) and with over 100 numbered Kits and sold internationally halfway down the published kit chart was a resplendent green kit of St Etienne. Then begun a quest for years in every shop; I would tirelessly go through numerous boxes (to the annoyance of shop owners) and never found it!  I had a plethora of great kits; Brazil, Argentina, England and numerous British clubs; yet never found St Etienne (sounds weird to think it was so hard pre internet).

Once I got to late teenage years, I joined a nerdy Subbuteo league which was as organised as PEN (if you play it to the real rules, its brilliant!). I had to use a friends Bournemouth kit as an available brand. I still loved the gameplay but not the kit I used!

In the wilderness years I kept a distant interest until in 2008 (in my forties to the amusement of my family) I got a handheld PSP and played PES alone and often used St Etienne offline (playing season after season versus the AI).

With a PS4 and the courage (as a social media non user) I joined PEN which has been a revelation to me and if you wonder why I did not take St Etienne before on PEN; I was nervous that I could not do them justice particularly as I am one of the bum players and have until now used brands with no connection (just liked the kits TBF). But now I don’t care and just enjoy the gameplay, so this time in a deal I traded for St Etienne and have just calculated that after 42 long years (dinosaur alert!!!) my dream has been realised:


It’s been emotional

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