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Do Your Research - Part 2

Written by ClaretMatt

I’m following up my previous article with further tips for the PEN transfer market addict. Last time out I covered transfermarkt, whoscored, sofascore, news searches and other little tips for finding good players, vetting before you buy and keeping track of what you have. This time out I’m looking at PENceball/un(der)tapped markets and buying/selling tactics…

PENceball & Un(der)tapped markets 

Success in PEN’s transfer market relies on buying and selling at the right time. Buying player’s at their peak value means you’re only going to break even at best or – when you factor in peak value players are more likely to get massive wage hikes - make a loss. What do I mean by peak value players?  This could be a young player who is probably at his max rating in PES (Konami rarely let young players get rated over the low 80’s), on well publicised top form IRL and either on the brink of or have just made a big move*. Or it could be older players who are at their max rating in PES based on their IRL ability, club and league – to get an idea of this I recommend looking at pesmaster or pesdb and see what ratings players are in certain leagues (for example, there isn’t a single player rated higher than 79 in the English Championship, so if you have a Championship player rated 79 I’d say it’s very unlikely they’re getting upgraded without a promotion or a move, and even then it probably won’t be during the next stat updates).

*big moves can be a bit of a poisoned chalice, it’s just as likely to not work out as it is to be a success. If you look for it you’ll probably notice quite a few savvy operators trading players quickly once a move happens rather than take the risk…

So if you’re looking to buy at the right time and price it means steering clear of these kind of purchases for the most part but trying to make those kind of sales when the time rolls around (if you can avoid getting too attached).

You want to get in on the undertapped markets (I don’t think an untapped market exists on PEN anymore, but if you find one… well, don’t tell anyone). For example, players aged ~25-28 that are still improving and performing IRL and in PES get nowhere near the love in on the market that similar players aged 24 and under do but they’re just as likely to receive a touch and you can make even bigger gains with them since Konami doesn’t throttle their rating the same (how many 80+ players U21 compared to over 25 – 28?). Another example, Premier League players sell for way more than Ligue 1 players but in the PEN ratings range there’s just as many good and improving players in Ligue 1 available – plus if they then move to the Premier League… ka-ching. Whereas a Premier League player leaves the Prem…

But beware, Konami doesn’t give the same care and attention to all leagues/clubs. So don’t expect that consistent performer in Serie B, Colombia or China to suddenly become a worldie.

Basically, buy low risk, high reward players that others won’t be giving the same attention to and down the line you have a lot more options. You can afford to have a big squad with multiple quality players in it – it just takes patience and planning. The guys who buy on a whim and sell without much thought are the ones that find themselves stuck on 16 players with 1 sellable asset.

Buying and selling tactics

How to get the best price for players you want to buy and sell? Again comes down to patience, picking the right time. Go in hot via a PM and expect the price to get hiked up. Post multiple sales threads for the same player and expect that pookeynoodle having no trouble following social distancing rules.

It’s best to buy when someone wants to sell and posts a thread for them.  Or maybe you play an even longer game and buy a player you know someone else will like so that you’ll have them on the hook when the time comes.

But it’s all risk and reward, if you really want a player sometimes you have to bite the bullet and overpay… but be honest with yourself, how many players do you really want. Don’t make exceptions for players who aren’t absolute priorities.

When selling then the opposite applies (except when you’re a newbie, more on that later*).  If someone PMs you for a player you haven’t transfer listed? Ka-ching! Unless what you’re offered is horn inducing your first answer should always be no, chances are they’ll be back. I’ve eventually doubled the initial offer more than once in PM offers purely by just rejecting offers rather than negotiating.

If you’re actively trying to sell a player then less is more. Your sales pitch should have everything to talk them up in as few words as possible then you should let it do it’s thing. If you constantly nudge it back to the top or create a new thread on a daily basis then even great players start to lose value - AKA: "The Roque Mesa Effect".

The trick is to cultivate value on your players. The less they’re on the market, the more they’re worth (with the exception of obvious bums, but what are you doing owning bums in the first place? Would be my question).

*Newbies, the selling part doesn’t apply to you if you’ve got a fresh new squad. You want to keep things in a transfer thread wherever possible because you’re bringing fresh meat to the market, people go crazy for players that have never been in PEN before so you want people to see that interest as it’s only going to raise your players’ value. Do as your mentor advises and create a whole team thread to whet the appetite and don’t bite too soon, would be my advice there. If some snake does PM you, then you know they’re on the hook – still keep it in thread.

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