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Legends of PEN vol.1 - Leonidas540BC

Written by Chip Wagner

Welcome to a new monthly feature, Legends of PEN! We’re going to highlight some of the longer serving PEN managers, get to put a name and face to the gamertag, and see what makes them tick! This months PEN legend is one of the longest serving Xbox PEN members, Leonidas 540bc!

  • Gametag: Leonidas 540bc
  • Name: Leonidas 
  • Location: Rhodes, Greece
  • Age: 48 (49 in a few weeks eek)
  • Occupation: Digital Designer, Entrepreneur
  • First joined PEN: 2004 – Red League – PSV
  • Best version of PES: I personally think 2020 has evolved in to the best version of PES ever.
  • Favourite other games: Witcher 3
  • Favourite Band: Jethro Tull
  • Favourite Film: Ghostbusters
  • Favourite Drink: Tea (though sometimes coffee hits the spot!) Not a big alcohol drinker – don’t mind a decent cider when it’s over 35 degrees here in the summer!
  • Claim to fame: I designed the PEN logo!

A brief history of your PEN membership:
Joined very early on – loved the new thing of online play and football combined! I introduced Yeti and Scary to the PEN league – Yeti still remains the very foundations of the league (that is, he’s at the bottom). I’ve known Jason (Scarycaravan) and Andi (Laidback yeti) for around 25 years in real life! I was Yeti’s best man!

I met Scary whilst teaching Flash animation to businesses – he worked for an animation company. I was poached and worked with Scary for about a year then worked in a few high end design studios, producing visuals and building websites. I’ve been in the digital design business ever since!

Davo asked me to design a new logo for PEN some years ago and what we got is still looking good – it still makes me proud to see it every time I log in!


How is your current league form?
Well last season I was really good for the first two thirds, then had a disastrous final third – going from second to nearly bottom over the course of twelve games! Decided that’s not happening again! I’ve just won four on the bounce – I’m feeling a strong sense of promotion fever!


What other hobbies do you have apart from PES?
I paint, I draw, I workout and I do a lot of stuff online related to business. Also have two kids so spare time is something of scarcity but I do my best!


What are you working on at the moment?


I’m currently building a new online brand for the discerning bearded gentleman!

I’ve created Big Bearded Badass, which is basically caters for us Big Bearded Badasses!



I’m building a new online store at the moment but I have set up a Teespring Shop that is selling merchandise with my designs -

I’ve also created a special offer code for any Big Bearded Badasses here on PEN – enter PROEVO at the checkout for 25% off all the merchandise!



I will be adding beard grooming products soon, such as oils, balms and a variety of brushes and beard shaping tools! 

Obviously this offer is only available to PEN members that are Big Bearded Badasses – the rest of you can go pick flowers and pluck your eyebrows.

I also work with my wife in her Bridal design business – been doing that for years in the UK (we had a boutique in Nottingham) and now we are building an online bridal business. I built and designed our online shop that went live in November 2019.


What’s it like being in Greece and PES online?


Luckily our house is 5 metres away from the Rhodes island main telephone exchange – so we get brilliant full speed internet, without ping issues! See that building wall just past our lemon trees? That’s the Cosmote telephone exchange! By the way, that’s the view from my office window!

Obviously it’s hot most of the time – we have over 300 days of sunshine a year – pretty much the opposite of the UK!




The time difference can be a challenge (we’re two hours ahead of the UK) but it’s been fine to setup and play league games on time.


Hopes for 2020?

Obviously the world is a little bit strange at the moment. I’m just hoping that things will clear up and we can all get back to some sort of normality for the rest of the year.


Hopes for PEN?

I’d like it to get a good solid 3rd Xbox division – it’s taken what seems like years to get to two solid divisions but a third would make it perfect. I’d like it to become the biggest PES league in Europe – why not?


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