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PEN – Reignite your love of PES

Written by Shooto

I am fairly new to PEN having joined at the start of the year after hearing of the site from a few fellow gamers, well online clubmates of 12 years, who couldn’t stop ranting and obsessing over PEN and the experience it brings to PES. I thought I would write this article to give an overview of my experiences since joining the community! That and there is of course PEN available…more on that later.

Who am I?

First of all, I am not and don’t claim to be the best PES player ever, which is fortunate as that is not what this site is all about, though it is competitive. I have grown up kids and am probably too old to still be gaming, but hey it’s an addiction… don’t judge me. There are members of all ages on the site which is refreshing to see.

My username Shooto has its origins from the early ISS Pro/Winning 11 days where the Japanese commentary on the imported game forms part of the nostalgia of the PS1/2 days. I figured Shooto was much better than “Goal Kickness” or “Yellow Cardo”. The correct pronunciation of my username can be seen/heard here;


What’s on offer?

There is a lot going on here and when you first join it can be a little overwhelming to find your way around and work out what the various parts of the site have to offer.  In terms of PES both platforms seem well covered with leagues and events on both Xbox and PlayStation.


The Community

One of the noticeable things you find when you join PEN is the great community spirit.  People on here are keen to help noobs and are genuinely happy to see the community grow.  When it comes to PES think of the exact opposite of playing online divisions where every exploit is taken advantage of to get as high up as possible.  

The players here genuinely like to play football and that is respected with the cap of the kinds of players that are available on the transfer market when you get assigned your team. If you want to sign Messi or Ronaldo this isn’t the place for you.


Your own club

I first created my own team using some guidance on the level of players allowed meaning I could join a few tournaments that were running. However once you are provided with your team that is when the fun begins and you grow to love your squad and really start to look in depth at player styles, who is available in the market that would fit your squad, and negotiate to build a squad that meets your style of play.

It has really opened my eyes to the good work Konami have done in implementing all these traits of players, methods of play etc. A lot that you overlook when you just play your mates as Barca v Madrid etc. I hadn’t played PES for probably 5 months or so as I hate playing the CPU, online is where its at, and with a unique team that I have built has reignited the love for the game.


Manual Leagues

This is where it is at for me as a manual player of all football games for over 10 years. There are currently 2 Manual divisions for PS4 that I take part in and it is full of good manual players. Starting in division 1 it has been tough but really enjoyable so far.

I think there is a movement from assisted to manual recently on the site with some teams competing in both leagues. I have spoken to a few of them during the games and they are starting to see the game “open up” on manual which can only be a good thing.



I have not really taken part in this as Konami’s online menu hell combined with the hoops to get people on the right team are a nightmare. It is something that we can only hope is addressed in future versions. Regardless of this I am hearing good things from the guys that do play 11v11 and may dabble in that soon.



The sight runs several tournaments or even fun events to help you generate the much sought after PEN currency that is vital for your negotiations and paying wages of course.


The Forums

The forum section is more than just PEN related discussions where you can chat about the latest movies, books, music, games etc. I have even taken part in a couple of Poker nights organized by members.



I still feel I have only scratched the surface in PEN but have already met a good bunch of folks and look forward to tweaking my team or just playing a friendly with a fellow PEN member to just get better at PES.  If you are thinking about signing up, my advice would be to go for and try out with a mock team like I did and get to know the people on here.

What do you have to lose?

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