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PES India Community - Journey So Far

Written by Madhu Sanith

Back in 2008 when I visited my friend's house on some project work, he was playing PES 2008 offline with his brother on PC. The game intrigued me and next week I installed the game on my PC and I was an offline PC player from 2008-2012. I used to play with a 'borrowed' version only. 4 of us friends used to play on weekends. Some awesome offline multiplayer memories for 4 continuous years!

The first time I bought an original copy of PES was PES 2013, when my online journey started when I had a 4mbps connection. I only used to play online friendlies with my friends most of the time. PES 2017 introduced me to the PlayStation Network and I was addicted to Myclub, ending up play for 4-5 hours every day.

During all those years I observed one thing, except for 4-5 of my friends I never found any Indian players online, I used to search Reddit and other forums to find for any new players from India but no positive result. As time passed by, all my friends got married and Quit PES. I was left alone and playing with random players.


PRO EVO – Whatsapp Group

I found Hemant- Peshmac7 on twitter he was tweeting regularly about PES in 2018-19, I used follow him and his content and we had some conversation over DM. He then introduced me to one of his WhatsApp group called PRO EVO, then we were about 6-7 players, 4 PS 3 PC players in that group. We started playing friendlies regularly.

As time passed we created a thread in reddit and put our WhatsApp group link to join.


PRO EVO to PES India Community

We renamed our group name to PES India Community after several discussions and we have designed our own logo and now we are around 40 players combining all three platforms.

Initially we had around 6 players from PlayStation and started playing league with our Myclub teams and named it as PES India Community League and used the "Winner" app to record the results.


Introduction to Pro Evo Network

PranaBRB (Pranab) was the first guy from India who Joined PEN in 2018. He joined our community in Mid-2019 and he was constantly telling us about PEN, Custom teams, Community Events, Player database and 3.5 star teams leagues and all. It was interesting to me, so I put a thread in "Introduce yourself" section and started playing friendlies with the PEN Managers. I started enjoying 3.5 star teams and I had some good results, eventually getting a place in the league for Season 16 and now here I am.


PES India Community League

As time passed by the number of players in PlayStation increased, 14 players were ready for the league and we planned for a league with 4 star regular teams.



Initially we used the Winner app to record the results for this tournament. Meanwhile, one of my friends was helping me to build our own website and we took some input from the PEN website to build this for league tables, forum and all. Unfortunately my friend met with an accident and is in bed rest for the past 6 months, as a result, the website is put on hold for a while.


PES India Community League in Pro Evo Network

One fine day in the month of December 2019, I asked Davo with zero expectation to be honest, if there was any possibility to just put the league table on the PEN website and he replied to me in the affirmative, that I was more than welcome to do so.

In the next few days Davo put a table for our league on the Pro Evo Network website and we finished our first official league.


PESICL Season 2

We planned for season two with custom teams like PEN and to also include Top Goalscorers, Assists, Clean Sheets & Man of the Match awards also.

  • Player Rating: (Max. 21 Players) 
  • 80-82 – 2 Players 
  • 78-79 – 7 Players 
  • 76-77 – 6 Players 
  • 75 or below 6 Players

And everyone built their own teams allowing 2 changes of same rating after completion of first fixture, just in case anyone didn’t like any player in their teams.



We arranged mini Euro Competition as a community event at the end of second fixture, with 3.5 to 4 star Euro teams. Table standing 1-5, 6-9, 10-13 are in 3 different groups and we gave away some star players winner and runner up of each group and allowed 1 change to remaining participants.




At the end of third fix we arranged 3 vs 3 Co-op as a community event and participants got a chance to make 2 changes to the team of same or below rating.

We have finished our 2nd season with custom teams in the span of 5 weeks and everyone completed their fixtures on time.


PES India Community GameLoot Tournament

We got some sponsorship from Game Loot to arrange a tournament, the PES India Community Gameloot Tournament, with regular club teams. 19 Managers participated in the tournament and for the first time we used onlive live draw to assign the teams to managers. We successfully completed the tournament with in a span of 3 weeks. Thanks to lockdown. Check out the Group Tables & Knockout Brackets here

Tournament details:





PES India Community - Plans for the Future

Around 20 Managers participated in the last tournament and some new managers also joining the community, we are planning for 2 Divsions if we got around 24-28 Managers for next season or will go with one big division hopefully in the month of June 2020.

Season 3 will be with Custom teams, Starting team Player rating limited to max 80 rating of 2 players and we have plan to introduce player transfer also, still lot of things under planning for next season.

I still believe lot of Indian players not aware about our community because we are not much active in social media, we are planning to advertise more in social medias and bring some more Managers to community. And i am also inspired by how Pro Evo Network works and we have plans to implement Community events, Community Nights, Co-op games in future etc


Special Thanks to Pro Evo Network

Thanks to Davotek and All PEN admins for the kind support and allowing us to use the space in forum and website..

Its Indeed the best place for PESHeads!

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