From the pitch to pixel - Taking real life football concepts into PES.  Welcome to a new series or articles looking at real-life football philosophies, concepts and modern coaching ideas and whether they transfer well into PES. Immediately on playing a new version of PES I always play against the CPU first. Konami always shows you how to play the new version.…
Saturday, 06 June 2020

PES India Community - Journey So Far

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Back in 2008 when I visited my friend's house on some project work, he was playing PES 2008 offline with his brother on PC. The game intrigued me and next week I installed the game on my PC and I was an offline PC player from 2008-2012. I used to play with a 'borrowed' version only. 4 of us friends used…
Tuesday, 26 May 2020

PEN – Reignite your love of PES

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I am fairly new to PEN having joined at the start of the year after hearing of the site from a few fellow gamers, well online clubmates of 12 years, who couldn’t stop ranting and obsessing over PEN and the experience it brings to PES. I thought I would write this article to give an overview of my experiences since…
A trip down memory lane. Much like the majority of you, I started my football gaming addiction at a young age and this meant it traversed many franchises across a number of different consoles. It all started out with the time I received a Commodore 64 for my birthday, it was 1989 I was eight years old. That game was...
Wednesday, 20 May 2020

PENcyclopedia vol.1 - Names

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Within our community, we have a lot of weird and wonderful usernames, gamertags and PSN IDs, some with stories behind them, some are just acronyms. We all know what GOAT stands for and what FUBAR stands for. Here are some more that I have uncovered to add to the fountain of undisputable knowledge and facts, The PENcyclopedia.
Welcome to a new monthly feature, Legends of PEN! We’re going to highlight some of the longer serving PEN managers, get to put a name and face to the gamertag, and see what makes them tick! This months PEN legend is one of the longest serving Xbox PEN members, Leonidas 540bc!
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