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  1. Just over £900. Absolute tank of a machine.
  2. Arrived Friday, assembled. Had a blast on it yesterday. I was like a f**king rag all day after
  3. Yeah, its like we’re in a pandemic or something
  4. It’s to find out who has the Karen gene in their system or not. Karen Fantastic has a ring to it
  5. I reckon they've had it in the neck off Sony because their current images only show the plates themselves and no console. Petty as f**k from Sony.
  6. What he is doing may be deemed political, but the motives are driven towards more support for the people that will be effected by it by demanding more money for his constituents to alleviate the, as you mentioned; He could stand by and do nothing and point the finger after the fact, but I like that he's said there's an issue, address it. Problem you'll have is people twisting it, media spin, but bottom line comes down to exactly what you said, businesses and people are gonna get f**ked by the additional lockdowns, sort them out or we can't comply.
  7. National lockdown for Wales starting Friday 23rd @ 6pm until Monday November 9th (1 minute past midnight, Sunday night/Monday morning). This ensures half term is locked down, halloween trick or treating is off the cards, along with fireworks displays, not to mention there are 2 or 3 rugby internationals which would have dragged loads to the pub. With the escalating cases, I see it as a common sense move, but those effected have to be supported and its not been clear what help is there.
  8. Nah, get your live streams in for any game.
  9. When you add a live stream to PENtv, you are adding your twitch channel. I've noticed a few people adding multiple live streams in with different names all pointing to the same channel. Looking to see some tidy clips in the highlights section when you all get a chance as well. There'll be a big push on interacting with this during the season *cough* PENce *cough* , so get involved where you can @Xbox League @PS4 League @Manual League
  10. It is a bloody lovely kit tbf