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  1. Against Fumax Patria, tough team. Who's in? 1. Greg 2. Govie 3. Blake 4. Timbo 5. Brizz 6. Scott 7. Stew 8. Chicken 9. Zee 10. Gale @CMYKhazi @Jookoi @Timbovici @Mowgles @EagleLM @Madhu Sanith @Bitter_rivals @tretopp @Pran_psy08 @Phillyrich @OnlineSoccerGamr @Kaiser-1 @Gregmeister @PjRsKi @alexselva @djquantum @evil-cat-lord @Sunzibad @zeemeister @Gale_Kast @Govie @Ragnor @Blakeey91 @d-a_BAT @j0rd4n500 @Brizzle@Bane @JokingShow@mowgli77@Bradalee21
  2. Moooore neeededd!! @CMYKhazi @Jookoi @Timbovici @Mowgles @EagleLM @Madhu Sanith @Bitter_rivals @tretopp @Pran_psy08 @Phillyrich @OnlineSoccerGamr @Kaiser-1 @Gregmeister @PjRsKi @alexselva @djquantum @evil-cat-lord @Sunzibad @zeemeister @Gale_Kast @Govie @Ragnor @Blakeey91 @d-a_BAT @j0rd4n500 @Brizzle@Bane @JokingShow@mowgli77@Bradalee21
  3. Against BOTA. Who's in? 1. Govie 2. Blake 3. Stew 4. Eagle 5. Scott 6. Gale 7. Greg 8. Chicken 9. Brizzle 10. Mowgli @CMYKhazi @Jookoi @Timbovici @Mowgles @EagleLM @Madhu Sanith @Bitter_rivals @tretopp @Pran_psy08 @Phillyrich @OnlineSoccerGamr @Kaiser-1 @Gregmeister @PjRsKi @alexselva @djquantum @evil-cat-lord @Sunzibad @zeemeister @Gale_Kast @Govie @Ragnor @Blakeey91 @d-a_BAT @j0rd4n500 @Brizzle@Bane @JokingShow@mowgli77@Bradalee21
  4. Well Madhu made the kit and he's our player so it seemed very logical
  5. Aah, well, that was chosen to be PEN FCs kit
  6. What do you mean with PEN kit? Hmm I mean would be cool if it was a BAL I think, surely both teams could provide that 👌
  7. Is that pic something official? Cause if it is or gonna be, surely it should be a PEN United player on the other side and PEN FC player on the other
  8. Don't know opponent yet but surely there's gonna be one! Who's in? 1. Jookoi 2. Scott 3. Zee 4. Greg 5. Brizzle 6. Govie 7. Gale 8. Eagle 9. Davor 10. Brad @CMYKhazi @Jookoi @Timbovici @Mowgles @EagleLM @Madhu Sanith @Bitter_rivals @tretopp @Pran_psy08 @Phillyrich @OnlineSoccerGamr @Kaiser-1 @Gregmeister @PjRsKi @alexselva @djquantum @evil-cat-lord @Sunzibad @zeemeister @Gale_Kast @Govie @Ragnor @Blakeey91 @d-a_BAT @j0rd4n500 @Brizzle@Bane @JokingShow@mowgli77@Bradalee21
  9. Seems a good price if Sunderland get 500k for a Stoke player!!! He he he.
  10. Against PMG again. Who's in? 1. Jookoi 2. Philly 3.Gale 4. Pran 5. Khazi 6. Govie 7. Brad 8. Greg 9. Brizzle 10. Mowgli 11. Scott 12. Stew @CMYKhazi @Jookoi @Timbovici @Mowgles @EagleLM @Madhu Sanith @Bitter_rivals @tretopp @Pran_psy08 @Phillyrich @OnlineSoccerGamr @Kaiser-1 @Gregmeister @PjRsKi @alexselva @djquantum @evil-cat-lord @Sunzibad @zeemeister @Gale_Kast @Govie @Ragnor @Blakeey91 @d-a_BAT @j0rd4n500 @Brizzle@Bane @JokingShow@mowgli77@Bradalee21
  11. Scott plays if we'ee short and we aren't short
  12. Likely against PMG. Who's in? 1. Jookoi 2. Blake 3. Mow 4. Greg 5. Khazi 6. Govie 7. Davor 8. Brad 9. Gale 10. Brizzle 11. Scott @CMYKhazi @Jookoi @Timbovici @Mowgles @EagleLM @Madhu Sanith @Bitter_rivals @tretopp @Pran_psy08 @Phillyrich @OnlineSoccerGamr @Kaiser-1 @Gregmeister @PjRsKi @alexselva @djquantum @evil-cat-lord @Sunzibad @zeemeister @Gale_Kast @Govie @Ragnor @Blakeey91 @d-a_BAT @j0rd4n500 @Brizzle@Bane @JokingShow@mowgli77@Bradalee21