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  1. confirmed Was a very open, enjoyable game and i look forward to the next match and maybe some friendlies. Good game mate, well played and good luck with the rest of the season.
  2. Confirmed Was a very good game with both teams having spells of dominance, could barely string a pass together for the first 40mins and was lucky to be only 2-0 down. Then once Tadic started to play as a false 9 it quickly changed the game, went from something like 13 shots to 2 in favour of the home side to 13 shots each. The last 25mins was a fun frantic game which could have seen goals galore. Good game mate, well played and good luck with the rest of the season.
  3. confirmed You where unlucky with your final ball on a few occasions, on another day a couple of your crosses would have hit the mark. Was another enjoyable game, looking forward to some more games, well played and good luck with the season
  4. Result: 2-1 ========== Home Team Manager: goat261 Franchise: Newcastle ========== Away Team Manager: @jazfiction Franchise: Man City ========== Match Report: FSL deleted Two early goals for Newcastle won this won thanks to Frillypink finishes from Under and Verschaeren. Apart from those goals we didnt create too much so really a draw would have been a fair result. good game mate, well played and good luck with the rest of the season.
  5. confirmed good game mate and well played mate, you where unlucky not to score in the 2nd half when you piled on the pressure for the last 20mins. Good luck for the rest of the season
  6. didnt get a chance to play the beta So ill probably just buy the ps4 version at first, then upgrade to ps5 if i like the game (and if i can find a ps5)
  7. not sure what the problem is there then mate, i havent played the game myself but doesnt seem like anyone else is having that problem. Strange one. Have you checked reddit etc to see if anyone has had and solved the problem youre having?
  8. Are you receiving any kind of error, or are you just not able to find an opponent?
  9. Does it feel more like battlefield 3 and 4 gameplay? Or is it more like the recent battlefield/battlefront games since battlefield hardline? Praying its more like the older games, if it is i will definitely be buying a ps5 for this...if i can ever find one.
  10. Do we still have all the skill/trick traits and how are the performed? (still the right stick?). and have all the shooting/passing techniques been removed like weighted pass etc? It sounds like the sharp kick button will attempt a variation of shots, as one of the people who played the other build (cant remember who it was, it was in one of the youtube vids in this thread) said when you shoot with sharp kick your player will either attempt a dipping shot or a finesse shot, which sounds awful to me, its going to be frustrating when you want to do a finesse shot only for the game to choose a dipping shot and vice versa, surely theres more to it than that?
  11. Dont pay any attention to them guys, they havent even bothered with player attributes yet by the looks of it, almost every player apart from the top players have average fake attributes. For example RAPHINHA now looks like Raphinha despite being one of the best wingers last season. Or Antonio is another good example with how good hes been over the last 18months or so, looks like this M. Antonio Almost every player is the same, its like theyve all been downgraded around 5-10 points across the board. just another example of how rushed this 'demo' has been. They will surely fix this with the November patch.
  12. The Cringes star player at it once again, the good old ref Get in there De Bruyne!!!
  13. Goat261

    FIFA 22

    the problem with fifa is its core gameplay, at its fundamentals its not a football game, its a generic sports game with a football skin. Its why pes has that feeling when you play it and fifa never has, because pes (despite its flaws) gives you that feeling of playing football, with fifa youre just playing a video game. Someone else said it best when they said pes is a football game and fifa is a football game thats how its always felt to me anyway (obviously others feel differently). and im someone who played fifa for a while, i was one of the first to move over to fifa for 08 when pes 08 was unplayable online, didnt come back to pes until pes 11. but during those years as much as i tried to get into it, it never once gave me those out of your chair moments like PES, i even won a couple of grand playing fifa, mainly to try and add that spark the game was missing....it didnt work lol. Still though i will give it a chance if efotball ends up being unplayable early next year. Is it only the ps5 version thats worth playing?
  14. Great video mate,very well made and how good does pes look with these mods
  15. i see they tweeted this today after removing all the modes from the series, they have got to be trolling lol. There self awareness is non existent
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