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  1. SamTSR

    Euro 2021

    This is England we are talking about. This is coming from an Englishman.....
  2. SamTSR

    Euro 2021

    Imagine if I would of stayed on PEN League. I would of made bank with foden
  3. I picked up some air force 1. Feels quite clunky of course with the thick bottom layer but they are also comfortable for first time wearing
  4. I would show you guys my sausage dog but he's become quite attached.
  5. You have to do theory test before you can go and do your practical. But yeah you can fo the test as many times as you want but got to wait 3 working days between them to book another.
  6. Okay it won't let me post the pic. But I scored 40 on multiple choice when I needed 43 and I scored 64/75 in hazard perception when I needed 44.
  7. I went and did my Theory Test on Wednesday and failed by only 3 marks 🙃. Now i get the older generation didnt have anything like this from what I heard so im intrigued on how people got their licences and if they had to do a theory test before hand. I will show my results paper in next post below so the 'old farts' know what you have to do nowadays.
  8. I saw the thread title and immediately though Khazi was going to get his chest out saying how good he is at this
  9. Life is like numbers. Even is positive and odd is negative. Say you are the even number and you choose to mix with the odd number. You will too become that odd number. But if you choose to surround yourself with someone who is even, someone who's sees your value and understands what you want then you will always be that even number. The only difference is the number is greater.
  10. There have been murders decades even centuries ago. Thats with women, with men. I wonder if there was a curfew when Jack the ripper was slaughtering prostitues?. This is Pure nonsense all of it. I think lockdown has made a lot of people bored so they want to make a single incident bigger than it should be. Dont get me wrong the Sarah Everard incident is sickening but the copper has been nicked and on proceedings to be charged. Unfortunately these situations can happen to anybody, whether if its right or wrong but we cannot limit our own lives because of something else that has happened. Move O
  11. I never last long. Thats why I'm single
  12. Afraid not pal. Works been boring since
  13. Hello Everyone Some of you may be happy to see me here, most not so much lol. I hope you all are doing okay especially during a time where certain precautions we have to make are taboo. Its Frillypink to see that the community is still going strong. Having read up on miken's situation just shows that. I just want to say that I wish everyone safe and joyful. I havnt played PES 2021 but I might give it a go. Couldn't be any worse than last PES I played