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  1. Shift De Paul has put in is insane
  2. Thought the Danes deserved a bit more there
  3. Comfortably the best 2 in group by a country mile Turn up like that though againt Holland , Ecuador or Senegal and we'll tell a pilot to go straight back for your lot Foden's an head scratcher
  4. Nobody done a prediction I notice I'll go first : Argentina Or as Keown would say ...Argentinier ..fs 🤦🏾
  5. I was in this camp until my boy and missus reminded me that I'd probably be brown bread when or if Wales qualify again 😳 Held out for first group games but football and it's magnetism has its hold over all of us
  6. The oil thing reminds me of a joke Why have the Saudi's got all the oil and the Irish all the potatoes? Because the Irish had first choice.
  7. No sting Bully , totally deserved Shocking 2nd half
  8. Just seen the German shirt Thing of beauty and must be added to the collection
  9. Posted this in another thread but ....
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