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  1. Result: 1-0 ========== Home Team Manager: Janguv Franchise: Copenhagen ========== Away Team Manager: @Hulk Franchise: Wolves ========== Match Report: Tight one only separated by a v last min by me on the counter. Sorry to do you like that mate! Best of luck for rest of season
  2. Agreed. Yeah connex was pants, but still glad we got the games in! Wp and good luck in the rest FSL link if it helps admin:
  3. Every time we do this TDD charity thing I'm reminded of this sketch.
  4. Don't have much optimism for UFL considering the CEO of the production company, who engages with people on Twitter a lot, had to be told that FUMA was a thing – a concept that not only did he not know, but thought was bizarre too Sceptical also of claims of "fair to play", minimal microtransactions etc. It's another F2P football game – they are going to have to monetise it in a more or less s**tty way in the long run. Especially adding club partners and it looks like maybe player ambassadors in the way that PES did. We'll see. All for disrupting the space...
  5. It's a disgrace that food banks exist. f**k the Tories and the centrists to hell and back. Apart from Raab with his Celebrations boxes.
  6. Didn't you get into trouble for this with Philly before?
  7. Lock it up. A menace to the local bird population.
  8. Last O/T thing... I've only just realised the significance of your PEN avatar/logo!
  9. Tell a lie, my mate normally brings Celebrations.
  10. Sneaky f**kers. The owls are not what they seem.
  11. Gotta stop spending it all on animal rescue charities, Ken.
  12. I think it's a bonus from having a long streak.
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