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  1. Yeah, it's a bit messed up. I mean, I think PES has been bad at really capturing that individuality for years now, in comparison to the past. But we don't want to lose it even more. I'm unconvinced they'll have it in their sights going forward. After all, they keep talking about eSports ambitions and 1v1s etc. In their competitive modes they even have stat levelling, which is like the ultimate removal of Player ID lol. We'll see I guess. The previewer feedback was pretty positive about this thing, but I remember that EA introduced a "power" modifier some time back and it just became (so I hear) really OP and spammed online. I'm curious how it will work with FUMA. I hope it can still be sensitive to attributes, and that it's just a really bad idea to try those kicks with certain players.
  2. I suppose, if you're buying something, it depends on the price difference between compatible M.2 drives and standard SATA drives. If you already have a spare drive kicking around for PS4 games, then that would be handy. I personally think an external SSD is worth it over an HDD even for PS4 games, given the loading time boost on games like Witcher 3. As for an expansion M.2 drive – You can take a look at how it functions and how to fit it here. Don't forget the heat sink if you go for one! It seems compatible drives will match the PS5 internal drive for PS5 games, which is great. Though no such game has actually got close to maxing out the I/O data throughput that the custom SSD w/controller is capable of. So it's theoretically possible you could get a game in future which could require greater raw SSD R/W speeds than the ones that are currently compatible, but it's probably unlikely – only first-party studios using these speeds anyway and limited use cases for it. So I expect that a compatible M.2 would be pretty futureproof. The only question is: what's the price difference in your region between a good one and a good SATA drive (with bridge/case)? If it's not that much to you, then an M.2 could be a good shout. I'm still happy on my external SSD SATA drive – it runs the PS4 games very well, and I have loads of space on my internal still. With luck, as @Big Boss is saying, we hope to have smaller PS5 game packages over time too – increased file sizes for textures, but they can be properly optimised for SSD reading, so you don't duplicate assets as you would for HDD recall.
  3. You can trust midnite kid all you like, but good luck deciphering what he says, always couched as it is in wishy-washy language. In summary from what I managed to listen through from him: It's definitely still PES But it's also not PES The defending is difficult, you can't barge in anymore However, there's a button that does allow you to run in The graphics look much better than he expected The graphics don't look amazing Etc
  4. A lot more sober. These guys have been in the game for a long time, branching out from the old WENB.
  5. I listened to his and Cam's, not yet PES Universe (I find Barry difficult to sit through tbh.. takes an effort lol). Was good to get the contrast, because Spoony was effusive at times and Cam more measured (e.g., about the stadium atmosphere). Doesn't help that (something I only realised recently), SP took sponsorship money from Konami and released a video promoting the LITE edition – so promoting gambling. That's yucky. Referred to it as his proudest moment and career highlight as well 🤦‍♂️ Anyway, some good things to take away from both of the overviews. Loss of player ID is definitely a bummer, as well as the tactical setting stuff. As is that collisions seem to be f**ked. But a BIG positive for me is that RS switching remains in some form. Will see what that means for covering lanes and closing down space.
  6. Janguv

    FIFA 22

    This guy put out some videos but dunno what AI difficulty and slider settings.
  7. Janguv

    FIFA 22

    Been checking out the early feedback of the offline/career mode crowd. Seems to be this: It's a significant improvement on 21, which they regard as the worst in the series. There's more variety in AI attacking finally With sliders, teams can hold proper defensive lines and congest the midfield The defending has its usual issues – some are quite deliberate, caused by a focus on 1v1 defending scenarios which is what the FUT/eSports crowd ask for FUMA is very free though some of the target-locking options are glitchy It's very responsive, but this is because EA will speed up any animations necessary to make it so The hypermotion assisted animations on next-gen look really good at times The keepers can be astounding (and very realistic looking) one moment but shocking the next. Overall they're worried the good bits will be patched out when FUT crowd complains, which is the usual development course it seems.
  8. (Looking at another YTers comments – seems it's not footage capture as I incorrectly stated, but B-roll footage they can't use. Which I think is actually worse! I mean, it's literally footage Konami can hand pick and give to previewers to use. Do they not have stuff they're confident in at all?)
  9. Yeah, looks like it. I do wonder if it's just too buggy? I mean why would they stop people showing footage a week before release after letting them capture it? Bizarre. It seems like they should probably delay this game at this rate.
  10. Yes, we've already established you have no interest in news and previews of the game before release, despite you hanging around in the thread for previews and pre-release news For the rest of us, tomorrow was a day we were anticipating in order to find out more about the game, and hopefully to finally see actual official gameplay. By reneging on that deal with their influencers, they've done a disservice to the people wanting to see that footage (for better or worse).
  11. Well this is great news from Konami once again. Really shows confidence in their product.
  12. Janguv

    FIFA 22

    Joke is on the FIFA bums mate, needing special consoles to play their game. I'll be on holiday for the eFootball launch, but I'll still be able to join in the fun because I'll have a smartphone with me!
  13. That's a barb that only works when the person you're saying it to has a bad record of playing their games – unlike me who finished early this year and always finishes their fixes on time!
  14. I understand it's painful for you to see anything negative about your beloved company, Zee. It's okay. You'll get through this.
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