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  1. Sounds like the perfect PvP weapon
  2. Need to give it a blast today to see what it's all about
  3. Don’t think I’m getting that done at all
  4. Had quite a few random exotic engram drops, look at this latest one
  5. Not quite sure what to do for this week, loads of double fixtures but some tricky games too. Do you risk the spurs players with how they're playing atm? Surely time to offload the Burnley players too
  6. Leeds players doing the stuff tonight Got Bamford©, Raphina and Dallas
  7. I’ve got resistance bands now whilst the gyms are closed, not as good as being in the gym though. Haven’t really hammered them as much as I should, but I’ll be back on them this week now my holidays are finished
  8. Currently upto power level 1304. Pretty much smashed all the challenges and collected the pinnacles for the week. Started working on getting myself a title today, quite a slog but at least gives me something to work towards once everything is hammered out for the week
  9. Good stuff. I’m at the 90lb loss marker now. I’m stopping at once I hit 100. The fasting certainly helps, I did start by doing 18:6 but switched to 17:7 whilst the Mrs has been at home working. I’ve done 49 straight days now and down 16lbs, that’s whilst still having the odd bad day food wise.
  10. I’ve got it but never used it. Just checked the perk it has and it could be quite useful tbf
  11. https://littlelight.club Another good App for checking out weapon rolls
  12. I’ve not seen a deep fat fryer in a house since I was about 10 year old 😂
  13. Which one do you have? My only concern with the dual one is the drawers are only 6x8 inches
  14. Anyone got one? Would you recommend one? I was looking at the dual zone Ninja (£180) but not sure if it’s worth the investment
  15. Konami did make some bangers back then, this was another game we absolutely caned It was like gold dust to find, think we ended up paying OTT on eBay for a copy. Swimming and Cycling were the real tests of endurance. I would hate to see how quickly the modern day controllers would break under the pressure of all the button hammering