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  1. Distant dream last weeks performance and sums up the championship, drop your hustle or standards and doesn’t matter how s**te the opposition is you ain’t getting paid. thought we were fuucked after conceding a well worked set piece today but we did well. Surprising how clueless you were in the second half with our high press into your defenders all you had was the hoof forward and our centre backs love defending. think it’s the case of you have a new system and won’t deviate it from it even when it’s not working we did it a lot last year under pano, so frustrating. another long hard season for you bluebirds a bit like us our bench today has a total of 0 appearances in the championship hood job ince won it with a pile driver, but what the fuccck was your defenders doing giving him so much space we are going up, I say we are going up* in 2029
  2. I still have this one. They were all class any others out there so we can get the full collection.
  3. Have blink cameras mate when I got the car last year. No wires runs on AA batteries that last 2 years. and a cinch to set up too have blink mini to keep an eye on the dogs. This is your answer. the app is simple to. On sale at Amazon today as well Deal of the day for Prime Members: Blink Outdoor | Wireless, weather-resistant HD security camera with two-year battery life, motion detection, works with Alexa | 2-Camera System https://amzn.eu/d/8mFVSUl
  4. 2006 that came out. How can no one beat that in nearly 20 years is amazing, and somewhat unbelievable Jeff
  5. So wanted it to be good as well. Just glad I didn’t spunk £45 on it. But even for game pass this is awful. Lol
  6. It’s baffling and the set up the character either has budgie smuggler shorts or normal ones. so weird
  7. Oh the frying pan yes it was great. Such a simple but effective game. So many good evening playing this game.
  8. Yes I’ve struggled with it. Aiming seems way too hard. And most annoying if the ball is going out even if close you can’t play the shot. shame needs to be a good tennis game.
  9. Rhinomotta will be good for you, box to box monster. Shame we can’t afford more than 1k a week wages
  10. Josh Laurent one hell of a player you have there this year
  11. Mate them lot from Swindon aren’t clever enough to do what you have spoken about. They only have 8 toes and they are all webbed however give it a rest dude the Nedden clan do a Stella job around these parts, great on the forum and great on the mic when you play them. Model community members. now go and find another agenda cuts that once is fuuuucking awful
  12. First tennis game in ages. Still waiting for a virtua tennis beater. This has potential, but will probably fail. Anyway on game pass from tomorrow so worth a look
  13. Yes I’ll have a go please. xbox - team: reading @Trooper uk get involved @ThaLoveShak
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